Hi everyone!

TLDR I’m new, and I have very little knowledge of the gundam universe and lore, but I (kind of randomly) found gunpla to be a nice source stress relief, and I’m here hoping to learn and improve my skill.

My boring, skippable gunpla origin story:

So, my birthday was a couple weeks ago and I just randomly threw a bandai boba fett kit into my amazon cart as a birthday gift to myself. I figured a simple snap together model would be good for an hour or so of stress relief.

Then I checked out some youtube videos and saw people adding really awesome levels of detail to their boba fetts and figured I might attempt to do the same with mine. Knowing it wouldn’t go well if I jumped straight in, I remembered being really into the idea of gunpla as a kid for a few months before my mom looked into it and decided it was too expensive (not to mention I totally would have wanted to play with them, and definitely would have broken them as soon as I’d finished building them). Plus, I never got super into the gundam show that was on and thought I wouldn’t have that little sense of sadness I’d get from ruining a figure I had an atattchement to as a kid, like boba fett.

So I found some cheap kits and started building. Here I am, a couple weeks later, with one shelf manned by a few basic, snapped together high grades, and a stack of 1 high grade, 2 real grades, the boba fett I still haven’t built, a yoda, and a kid buu from dragon ball z thrown in for good measure.

I’m hoping to learn some stuff here on how to customize and weather.

My boring, skippable plans for the gunpla future:

My next build plans are for a z’gok, I’d like to weather and panel line, and a death army I’d like to paint (I think the death army looks really cool, I just hate the color scheme). Not sure which I’ll do first, and I don’t have the supplies I need for either, yet.

Eventually I’d like to buy a GM sniper 2, red frame astray, and androids 17 and 18, and cell from dbz, as well as some other gundams I don’t know the names of off the top of my head (do they have Epyon in high or real grade? That’s the one I wanted to build as a kid. Looking around though, I’m only seeing him in master grade.)

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to learning all I can here!

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Welcome to the Forums!

There is Epyon in HG, but it’s an old kit, so it’s pretty rough.

There’s also a 1/100 HG that’s a little better (But again rough compared to today’s kits)

Oh, nice! I hadn’t looked at gundam store but they seem to have some better prices than amazon. Thanks for the link!

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Here’s all the epyon kits.


Hlj is a better place to shop that US gundam store.

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