HGUC Thunderbolt kits

HG Thunderbolt prototypes… DO WANT!

The suit with the shields speaks to me the most. I don’t know why, either. Shields, man. Four of them. With two mounted from the back.

I’m keeping an eye on these.

Sane here.

However, I’m quite curious about what kits are compatible with that giant cannon.

They look really neat, though they’re going to have lots of balance issues. I’m really looking forward to a Gouf version of the Zaku that I saw in the promo art.

All those shields. I want a MG of that Gundam.

Some reviews I have seen on Youtube indicate the Thumderbolt kits balance nicely in a standing pose. The joints are not the most flexible, but OTOH they seem to counter-balance tipping some. Even the Psycho Zaku II can be left unsupported. Overall this series has had mad detail, and raises the baseline tech bar in a way not seen since War in the Pocket. Maybe too much, as it is very difficult to see the MS in a OYW setting! :smiley: But they all look very nice, which is the point of buying them. :wink: I am hoping teh Dom & Gouf featured in the manga get kits. Feddy punks should note that a LE Ball bundled with a magazine is out there somewhere, and that the manga has also featured a Guncannon.

These are the thunderbolt suits that I would like to see made into kits.

Rick Dom TB

Gelgoog TB

Gouf TB