HGCE backpack compatability

Hi I am wondering can you mount 1/144 Zaku Warrior and Dom Trooper Wizard packs on the pegs for the HGCE Infinite Justice Gundam backpack peg holes?

Do not really own them, maybe do have the Dom Trooper somewhere, so cannot say for certain.

Sorry to inform you though, based on the manuals that were posted online, it seemed that Zaku Warrior and Dom Trooper used single peg hole for the packs while the HGCE Infinite Justice used 2 peg holes for its Fatum unit.

It might be possible that you can fit the Zaku Warrior, Blaze Zaku, Dom Trooper, and the like from the old HG to the HGCE Infinite Justice, but it will definitely be to one side as it does not seemed to have a peg hole in the middle of its back.

On the other hand, after looking into couple of Dalong’s review, it seemed that old HG’s packs might be interchangeable among the mentioned units, but the old HG Infinite Justice also uses 2 peg holes.

Don’t the Zaku and Dom also have two inset parts from the side of the back?

Are you referring to C6?

Sorry, again, do not have any of them on hand right now, so cannot really verify anything firsthand.

But if you look at:

Then it was fitted with Blaze Zaku Phantom’s pack:

Or maybe your whole question was misunderstood. If so, sorry about that.

a bit of a vague answer but the justice pack attachment point seems to conflict with the simple support pegs the wizard packs have. so i don’t think complete backpack compatibility is available but I guess I can deal with that.

Well, if you look at almost top middle, the part just below the red part in the picture:

That would be the whole back of the Dom Trooper, part C7, apparently.

Then look at the back of HGCE Infinite Justice:

That was why originally stating the difference of single peg and 2 peg holes. The only way that HGCE Infinite Justice, or even the old HG since the back for both kits were similar in design, can use the Dom or Zaku Warrior packs will either be the complete replacement of the back plate part, modify the back plate, or modify the pack. There do not seemed to be a way to fit them straight away, that is, unless Bandai has released an adapter.

Forgot to mention in last post, but all pictures were shamelessly borrowed from Dalong.net, all credits to Dalong.net.

Ok I will have to drop the Justice backpack idea. thanks for helping with clarification.

Sorry, not to discourage you from trying to fit any backpacks onto the Justice. Just trying to answer directed at your question about the backpack compatibility. You can always try to modify so that Justice can use whatever backpacks. Of course, not everyone is willing to modifications, though to some, that is half the fun of Gunpla, or plastic models in general.