HG ZZ Dreissen - Creating a Metallic Purple

Hello I found the attached picture on the net and I have to try to duplicate this more “metallic” ZZ - Dreissen!! I’ve just discovered Vallejo Metal Medium and with the addition of Vallejo Ink I’ve getting there. Any comments or suggestions are WELCOME!!!

Your last post was 2 years ago? :crazy_face: Where have you been?

Anyway, the purple-ish color seemed to be good, but the paint seemed to lack the shine that metallic paint should have… Just an observation, not sure if it looked better in real life or not.

Thanks for the reply. I think I hit that sample with a Matt Clear Coat when I should had covered it with a semi or gloss clear coat. Back to the spoons!!

That might be it. But you probably can do it without the clear coat first, show how it looks, then use the same part, spoon, spork, whatever, and use different clear coats on it to get an idea on which clear coat looks better…