HG Zogok

Finished this old shelved wip this week.

More pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/bdqhvRt


First off: Awesome Diorama!

Secondly: Welcome back Squee lol

This is super legit! Zeon flexin that sea superiority!

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Where did i go? lol

Wow Awesome job!!

Is that the operation capture jaburo or unicorn zogok?

Its whatever the orange one was. Not sure about the names.

That’s the unicorn version one. How did you color the mono eye lens?

The monoeye is a blue led. Or do you mean the clear parts? I just painted them with clear blues.

My previous Zogok where i lit the sword also but glue damaged the wiring so that was scrapped haha

The clear piece. So you used clear paint?


Cause I wanna paint the clear heat saber blade that comes with the kit, so I can have one that’s heated and not.