Hg Zaku III

Expectation: buy an old kit to practice my seam line removal skill
Reality: got burned out and backlogged for two months😅
Used zurc paints(philippines local hobby paint)
Weathering used
Zurc water based paint wash 2x
Tamiya enamel black for not so dry dry brush
Flattop coat
Finger brush for silver
I like finger brush more than dry brushing. Any constructive criticisms are welcome. Keep on building.


I love these old kits. They are great for practicing your skills on and trying new techniques.

Mashymre would be proud.

I got one of these on back order and I am so excited to get mine! I plan to use it for trying scribing.

If I like the build I may get another. As I have an image in my head of one of these falling to earth. Glowing metal, bending and melting frame, the works! That would be a fun project to learn color modulation and the like. Possibly custom effect parts for the falling part.

Need this kit