HG Wing Gundam Fenice

This is my brother’s next build, after the HGUC Zogok (I posted that a while back but the thread is gone it seems)
He’s panel-lined this kit too!

Yes, the V-Fin broke…

Very good job. The more damaged V-fin and the slight pen mark on the faceplate gives more of a sense of battle damage.

It looks good. And i cant see where the V fin broke at.

The right v-fin is supposed to be longer.
You’re right though, its not very noticeable.

Looks good to me! Gotta love the Fenice. :smiley:

The build looks good and the broken V-Fin could have easily been considered as part of the kit. The panel lining is a bit thick, though.

Great looking kit. He did a really good job. And with the A-symmetrical look of the Fenice the broken V-Fin doesn’t stand out at all.

That’s some great panel-lining! I’m beginning to think this kit is cursed, though. It seems like everyone I know who gets this kit runs into some kind of problem with the V-Fin

Fun fact: After this, the V-Fin almost totally broke! he placed mighty bond on it to prevent it from breaking any further.

And the Fenice that was on display at the toy store where we bought this had a broken V-Fin!

Really? That’s so weird! I should count myself lucky for not encountering any of those problems.

I didn’t. What the devil are you people doing to that thing?!