HG Super Gundam - WW2 US Army Color Scheme

Beginning work on the HG FXA-05D/RX-178 Super Gundam. Planning a US Army color scheme with greens and greys. Also throwing in some brass and chrome.

Decided not to be lazy and trim most of the pieces off the runners before painting.

Also sprayed some gloss lacquer finish and Metalizer sealer to lock the paint in.


Reassembled and ready for some fine details with the brush, markers, panel lines and decals.


Wow, that looks amazing.

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This needs a US invasion star and military numbers to complete the look.

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Thank you!

I totally agree! Going to go hunting for those …

Per rxslinger’s suggestion, I found some Army stars and numbers for decals. Scavenged the stars from the Grimoire Red Beret kit I have in my backlog.


Did some black, rust and silver dry brushing. Going to burn and saw in some battle damage next. Really having fun with this one!


Finally shot him with the nice camera (Canon 5DS with 50mm f1.8 and 100mm f2.8 macro)