HG Sengoku(?) Astray

The Astray line keeps getting better and better. (Or weirder and weirder?)

I was thinking weirder and weirder.

If those shoulder arms are articulated, this might be a potential buy for me. But yeah, looks-wise, it’s almost getting to G Gundam territory.

I like it’s strangeness. Did I mention I love face backpacks? But, yeah. It’s weird.

The face backpack reminds me of Seravee Gundam from 00

To be honest, I think they look some kind of ingeniously designed.
However, originality doesn’t necessarily embody appealing design.
It looks weird but creative.

Is it a buy, Dlinker? I see some really cool kit-bash ideas in the future.

Yeah, I can see myself buying this guy in the future (and by that I mean next year). Just the articulated shoulder arms and accessories alone are worth the purchase.

Definitely thinking about getting this and a regular red frame release. Might do a 4 swords kitbash, something along the lines of looking like the Enkidudu from Gurren Lagann.

I love it. Man…gotta buy this Astray and the new Flight pack one now, my list just keeps getting longer.

this looks so awesome, looks like my redframe collection will be getting a fourth member haha

Does look really cool! Another must buy for me as well.