HG MS‑07H8 Gouf Flight Type

Ordered this kit from Amazon, seems like an older one, kind of sloppy cast job on the runners, love it tho. Planning to spray with chrome, medium gray, light sea gray and gray green (Luftwaffe) …

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I have one of these. Not the greatest kit, but its still one of my favorite designs.

I wish they made an MG of this. That and the Kampfer.

There is a MG kampfer. Its a dated kit, but still decent for is age. And there’s a MG Gouf Flight type conversion kit for the MG Gouf Custom.

What I meant was a 2.0. I completely forgot to clarify myself! :sweat_smile:

Sprayed …


I got this kit as well, only downside to it is the lack of articulation, but its understandable given that it’s an older kit. The only other option for this kit is the p-bandai one which costs a bit more, but you get better articulation. Out of the Gouf variants this one and the Gouf Custom are my favorites.

Here’s mine


You could also kit bash it with a Gouf Custom HGUC kit.

A 2.0 would be nice.

That’s an enticing solution!

Yeah I’ve seen that one done before. Take the body, head, arms of the Gouf custom to replace with the flight type.

So have I was thinking of getting another gouf flight type and doing myself. Then doing a comparison between the OG, the p bandai and the kit bash.

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Would love to see that.

Its been a project that I wanted to do for awhile, but the kit is on back order and people who are selling them want as m much as the HGUC version or more. I really hope bandai starts kicking out some older kits again soon.

Some new revived ones would be nice, like the Zaku II J from 08th ms.

It would be considering there are updated versions of most of the kits from the 08TH MS Team.

Reassembly before detail, panel lining and decals …

Very nicely done.

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Some detail work last night …

Looks awesome, makes me want to go back an detail mine.Did you paint the vents on the front of the legs or use the stickers?