Hg kshatriya kitbash

So I am working on a kitbash that is using parts from the Kshatriya, the Sazabi, the silver bullets shield cannon and the sinanju.

Due to the way the kshatriya’s hands are designed and it didn’t come with a gun I can’t seem to find a rifle that works for its hands. Has anyone found a gun that will work or maybe alternate hands using the same polycap so I can give it a gun.

Thank you.

Here is a pic of the kitbash so far. Hopefully this link works.


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What do the hand look like? The build looks great so far, my only critique is that the sazabi chest loos a little plain compared to the rest of it due to there being no sleeve markings.

the hg kshatriya hands are pretty basic holding hands that break into 3 parts. the ball joint is bigger then the sazabis hands or the sinanjus hands. Trying about 12 or more hg and mg extra hands i have lying around none of them fit in the hands. The kshatriya kit has only beam sabers for hand held weapons.

I’m curious if anyone built the hg kshatriya and found any guns that fit the hands. I suppose i could modifiy something a bit with puddy, pla plate, etc. I also watched a review that said some re 100 hands worked or larger rg kits hands. This kitbash will have plenty of weapons so it doesn’t need a super meaty gun. If the sazabis rifle worked i would have used that.

I bought a rg rifle off ebay for like 15 dollars a few days ago hoping that will do the trick. Suppose i could take a pic of the hands in their 3 parts. Unless someone thinking some third party hands of some sort would work nice. I could make a sticker or something to make the sazabis chest part a bit more decorative to balance out the cuffs and such.

Thank you for the reply btw.

Is it possible to increase the size of another hand’s ball so it fits in the socket? Putty it and then sand down.
Or is it possible to thicken the handle of an existing rifle to fit a larger hand? If you have pla plate or buy a ‘garage sale’ sign from walmart, depending on the thickness needed, you could then glue them to the sides of the handle of the gun.

Yes picture would help comparing the size differences between the hands. I will have to check my stash of parts, I might have a pack of Bandai hands that may work. If not theirs plan B.

Ok, so here’s a pick of the ksyshatriya’s hands that I’m gonna try to use. and some more progress on the kitbash itself.



If i can’t find something that will fit the right size my best bet will be to use puddy or pla plate to tinker and adjust sizes. I watched one review that they where saying the re 100 nightingales hands work on the ball joints in the kshatriya. And i nabbed a rg riffle off ebay. Thinking that mite work with some rg hands.

Ok so used a little pla plate to thicken up the handle on a gun and miss sazabis beam sword. So that will be the kits hand held weapons.

Here is further progress on the kitbash. Just have to do up the kshitriyas binders and the suit will be done.


Alright the custom sinanju/sazabi/kshatriya kitbash is complete.

I dub her the Aegris.


Cool work! I never thought about how Kshatriya would look in red, but it looks good! Great job!

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Thanks. though look closely. I’m using a mix of parts from multiple kits not just the kshatriya itself.

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Oh yea I def noticed those!