HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus/Lupus Rex

So we all know that Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, despite being the most popular of the three Gundam shows released in the 2010s, and almost making Gundam popular in the west again through both Crunchyroll streams and Toonami airings, wound up suffering from one of the worst cases of mid-series rot since SEED and putting the main franchise on ice in terms of TV until this year when a teenage newtype girl named Suletta Mercury decided to invite us on a trip to her corporation-ruled timeline (can’t wait for the G-Witch prologue to get a wide release).

But there is one fantastic thing to come out of it: The Mobile Suits KICKED ASS! And nowhere is this more apparent then with the many forms of the Gundam Barbatos. I own the Master Grade of S1 Barbatos, but I owned the HG of it too. However, I bought said HG off of Amazon and yeah, it showed. The arms kept falling out. So I decided to replace it with its two Lupus forms from S2, and they are perfect. I think Lupus is slightly better because the Lupus Rex REALLY needs black and yellow gundam markers/paint to get it to look good. The stickers included are just bad. But these are still fantastic High Grade Kits and are a must-own for those looking to get into the hobby.