Hg Dom Tropen

My 1st build of the year. Used pastel as shading and some spongering for weathering. Any constructive criticism are welcome.


I like it, I think with a MS like this you could go a little heavier with the weathering, add a bit more chipping and streaks but weathering is very personal so stick with what you like. Nice clean paint finish. I also like to add a blob of gloss to the mono eye to make it pop a bit…

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A blob of gloss is a good tip. Still figuring out weathering techniques that I want. Maybe on my next kit will try more weathering.thnx

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What did you do for the eye? I tried getting a peice of plastic and putting the red paint on the other end of it, so the light has to go through. I think it works well.
For the scratch marks and weathering, how do you decide where to put them?

@TheKumatei for the eye I used a piece of runner then I sand the edges to make it pointier. For the scratches and weathering I usually put them on the edges and mostly on the front part of the kit.

Really like this kit, except for the design of the weapon hands. Was cleaning the right hand up, and I wasn’t even putting any real pressure on it and it broke. It took me a while to fix it cause all the other pieces for the hand had to fit and still be able to fit a weapon. Only frustrating part with that kit, otherwise an awesome kit to get.

I picked up 3 of these to be the core of a 5-MS strike group, with a Gouf Custom and Zaku II Half Cannon (customized as a sniper unit.)

One little trick I found for the mono-eyes is to decide where you want the eye to be looking, then mark it, start a hole with an appropriate size drill bit, then finish the hole with a flat, cylindrical burr bit. Then you put a tiny drop of super glue into the flat hole and apply one of those round, jeweled, dome stickers. The idea is to have it recessed. Once that’s done, fill the hole with Pledge Future floor polish and cover the rest of the eye-movement area with Future as well. If done right, it does a very good job of mimicking the actual look of the eye behind the protective glass, like you see on the MG kits.

If the plastic is too thin in the eye location, just drill through and glue a thin piece of sheet styrene behind it to mount the eye.