HG Build Strike Gundam Full Package

Panel lined with artline 0.1 and sharpie marker.

Build Strike Gundam

Build Booster

Full Package

Overall, I like the result. I guess I’m gonna rest for a while before attacking my next victim, the HGAC Wing Gundam…

Good looking kit. The lining really gives it some detail. Looks like the stickers are already starting to peel off on the Booster.

Nice and clean build. The lining looks a little uneven on that one close-up shot of the hand, but otherwise looks good.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the proportions of the HG version look too…cartoony, I guess? Something about the head and shoulders that don’t jive well with me, haha.

I see some nubs on the sides of the knee. But other than that nice build. Looks good. Id worry about the sharpie turning purple over time though.

@Thwalker13-got this kit during Christmas season. I knew those huge stickers would eventually peel off…
@Dlinker-I honestly just noticed that when I uploaded the pictures. Maybe I’ll fix that once I get home.
@Zaku-any remedy on the sharpie turning purple?

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll start panel-lining my other old kits over the summer to give them more detail, then my future builds will be panel-lined as well.

Love it. I hope to see the Star Build Strike soon.

The only thig you can do is go over it with black paint. Ive got a few kits that have black sharpie on them that truned purple. I didnt know any etter back then. Sharpie seems to do it every time. And it stains everything with purple.

Soon, but I’m going the “cheap” route by buying only the universe booster. Hey, it comes with everything except the wings.

thanks for the advice. I’ll try to save up for some black paint, I’m not really a “painting” guy.
“Stains everything purple” you mean the sharpie ink spread or something?

Yea for some reason the black sharpie after a while turns purple and NOTHING seems to get it off. If you wipe it off as soon as you put it on its fine but once it dries thats it.