HG Beargguy III

Finally had time to put together this great kit. Wish it had more faceplates though.

Great looking kit. The lining is good and clean, as is the kit itself. Great job! And yeah I agree, it should have come with a few more face plates.

Now this kit has some good lining, along with it being an overall clean build. Good stuff as always.

I think this is my favorite out of all the ones you’ve made so far. Lining is very clean, and the nub marks are virtually non-existent.

Thanks everyone!
I was fairly surprised when I saw the amount of detail this thing has. Those banana-yellow parts have some good details on em (of course they end up being covered by the outer armor).

Looking good. Did you fill it with cotton? XD

Unfortunately not, that thought only crossed my mind when I have already built everything, now I’m too lazy to take the thing apart and stuff cotton inside :stuck_out_tongue: