HG AMS-123X-X Moon Gundam - G3 Look

Went to Hobby Lobby in CA and picked up this HG Moon Gundam kit.

Later on I saw someone mention the “G3 paint job” and I went digging around and kind of fell in love with it. Decided to paint this kit something along those lines.

Anyway, figured I would go for it.

Washed all of the runners

Was feeling lazy so I sprayed most pieces on the runners

Reassembly, still have a lot of cleanup from runner clips where the paint missed

Added some details with markers and fine brush. Also some random decals, I love this part

Did some weathering with flat black, rust and some silver

Finally, shot him with the nice camera. On to the next build!


Great looking kit! I’ve always loved this color scheme.

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Its a better color scheme for a moon gundam, in my opinion.

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Are you gonna do anything with the back plates?

My son built them, but I had no plans really.