HG 1/60 Shining Gundam Review.

Ok lets go ahead and kick off this review. This will be a quick review of the 1/60 HG shining gundam. First off lets look at how good a build he is and what you have to paint in order for him to look right.

Ok lets look at the core fighter first

The yellow on the top of the core fighter are plastic not stickers and so are the white parts and the red brake lights.

Ok lets look at the back. You get yellow parts and gold plated parts on this kit.

As you can see apart from pannel lining there isnt anything that just screams “PAINT MEEE” on the core fighter. Oh wait i just realized its called a core lander. Oops. Oh well. Lol now lets look at the cockpit itself. The clear plastic part does not open but you do get a little guy to stick in there. Ok now lets stick the core lander in the back and move on to the mobile suit itself. To do that all you do is flip up the cockpit and pop out the thrusters. Then it just plugs into the back.

Ok moving on to the head the only thing on the head that needs paint to look right is the forehead camera. I didnt do a very good job painting mine. But i suck at painting so oh well.

The next part that does scream “PLEASE PAINT MEEE” is the skirt armor. The vents in the center of the front skirts are the only thing that dont need paint here. So make this easier you can refer to another pic to see the skirt armor. And next is the ankle covers they could use some paint too. I still have the stickers on for now because i found it hard to paint there. It was hard to make a straight line and the painters tape wasn’t helping. The paint just kept bleeding under it.

Ok lets do some articulation.

Articulation on this kit sucks. But its an HG and an old HG so its not the kits fault. But still it sucks. The head is on a ball joint. And goes a fair bit back and fourth. Ill spare you the picture. Im trying to keep this simple. The shoulders only rock back and fourth a tiny bit there on a ball joint as well and they dont have much range of motion. The arms can only go up this far

Its geting late so ill go ahead and end this here for now. More tomorrow.

This guy reminds me of my HG 1/100 Shining Gundam. It just looks like it could topple over any second.

Im happy to say this thing has never fallen off my shelf. Thats probably because when i display it its in hyper mode and the feet are biger when you transform it. But this kit does have bad joints. There not lose just have a terrible range of motion.

Ok lets fire this back up. Next up the elbow. Witch they could have done a better job on. You only get a 90 degree bemd out of it.

Ok lets look a the waist. If you pull up on the upper body and separate the two a little you can make the waist turn pritty far. But if you dont then this is all you get.

Ok now lets do a kick. The skirt is what kills your kicking abillity. The top of the skirt is blocky and doesnt go up very far so you only get this mutch kick.

Ok my phone is acting up so ill continue this in a reply.

Ok lets fire this up again. As you can probably tell this isnt that great a kit. It looks good but thats about all it does well. The wing zero has a few flaws too but over all its a much better kit. I just like the shining gundam a lot. Its has bad articulation. And the only accesories you get ate the swords. Ok now back to work. Next the knee bend

As you can see the knee bend sucks. Its because of the way they have the knee thrusters open. Like i said earlier this kit looks good but thats about it.

Ok next ill just tell you about the ankles. They suck. There you go. All you need to know. Lol. They have some side to side. Its enough to support its weight. Now lets go to the meat and potatoes of this kit. HYPER MODE!!! MY LOVE MY ANGER AND ALL OF MY SORROW!!!

Compared to the 1/60 God Gundam, I thought they did a pretty weak job on this one. It looks more like a cheap toy, whereas the 1/60 God Gundam had great detail, tonnes o’ panel lines and a lot of small, cool gimmicks.

I wish i could get my hands on the 1/60 God Gundam. But they are hard to find. I wish they would have put more effort imto the 1/60 Shining because it my favorite from G gundam. Hard core nostalgia. I guess i should finish this review sometime huh? Lol

You’re in luck. http://www.amazon.com/G-Gundam-Japanese-Mobile-Fighter-HG-EX/dp/B0006N146K. $52US is a steal.

Oh cool i didnt know they still made these. Thanks man.

I’m tempted to get another. My current one has suffered some minor breakage over the years which needed repairing, plus I’ve gotten better building kits since I first got it.

I really need to watch this show. :frowning: