Here’s the PG-RX-78 Unleashed I’m working on

Let me know what you guys think. This is obviously a work in progress. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!



Looking awesome so far, and welcome to the forums!

Are you painting the kit? Also, might be just my unfamiliarity with the kit. But it looks like the front skirts are switched.


Thank you for the welcoming! Yeah, I airbrushed everything. Out of the box, even as a Perfect Grade, the runners, when assembled it would like a toy.

I am going for a slightly used look. I want it to look like it’s at least seen a little action. I have stated this before, but it’s the outer armor that scares me the most. Obviously because it is what you will see

And actually I think you might be right about the skirts lol! No one is perfect (grade : p).

I’ll try to keep updating. I’m going to start the arms and maybe the head today.

Lastly, the only thing that irritated me, as much as this kit costs, I still had to order water slides for it. If Bandai thinks anyone would put “stickers” on this kit, quit whatever it is you’re smoking/snorting.

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which water slides did you order? I am looking to get some for my PGU!

I went with Evolution Studio’s brand. I was just disappointed that a kit this expensive didn’t come with them to start with

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I completely agree with you. For what the kit is, how much it costs, and what Bandai wanted the kit to represent. It should have come with both stickers and water slide decals. I will eventually buy this kit, and like you, I’ll be buying water slides for it.


I mean, I’m a long way from having to use them. But I wanted to make sure I had them. Getting ready fire up the airbrush for the arms.

I have both the Delphi Decal Waterslides and the SIMP ones. SIMP decals, IMO are lesser on quality than when they sold the DL Model line; they’re more tearable BUT easier to look painted on.

Delphi has two (really four) versions: original, and then the ones that have their own lone art flair, both also in holo.

I normally go Delphi on my decals because they’re just…of you’ve used them, its self explanatory, bit they’re great.

Being a canon type of person, personally, I’m going with the intended design.

I think painting the frame on this kit is one of those decisions where you have to be “all in” to do. I feel it’s THE way to go if you’re painting it just because of the hatches.

I recently started this kit too, when I happened across it IN a store (I expected to have to wait for a long time). It’s been more solid than the Strike or Perfect Strike. More tedious but… I think that should be an expectation with two layers of frame.

“I went with Evolution Studio’s brand. I was just disappointed that a kit this expensive didn’t come with them to start with”

Only most Ver Ka and P-Bandai will. So many people scratch their heads at why Gundam kits don’t normally come with waterslides. Other Bandai kits do - Sakura Wars and StarBlazer for example, and those are a lower price point to boot.

The world will never know…:thinking:

It could have something to do the the massive variety of kits or the fact that gundams target audience is children.

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