Help with sanding please

If you’re not planning on painting but you’re cementing then sanding to get rid of the seam lines how do you get the area around where the seam lines were looking nice again. I’ve got rid of the seam lines in some bits but it doesn’t look nice. I will paint the model i’m doing atm at some point but I still want it to look decent till then. Thanks!

The only way to get rid of the rough surface without paint or a topcoat is to get some EXTREMELY fine sandpaper or sanding solution and just buff it as much as you can. Honestly, I have built kits and sanded the whole thing with 1000 grit sand paper and left it as is. I think it gets rid of the plasticy look really well without painting it. It still looked “unfinished” but it looked better than a plastic toy. Some modelers do this all the time. It’s called the “no-paint” method.

Balls. I’ve done it wrong and started sanding it with 400 grade then 600 then 1000. Oh well live and learn. Is there nothing polishing compounds i’ve heard about can do? I’m still gonna paint it though at some point soon. Would I need to do anything to make sure the scratches don’t show? I’ve heard that primer fills them in. Is that true?

You did it right. I start off with 400 for really getting into the plastic, then i use 600, then 800. If i’m going for a shiney finish or if i’m using metallics, i hit it with 1200.

Polishing compounds work similarly to sandpaper, where each grade makes scratches in the finish with the fine/finish compound making extremely tiny ones, and makes a nice glossy look. If you removed panel lines, you should invest in a scribing tool, or even a thick sewing pin if you want to save money. just go over any shallow lines carefully.

Okay but will polishing compound get the piece back to the other unsanded parts or not?

I doubt you well ever get it to look exactly the same again. But you can come close. There are sanding compounds that will get your plastic so smooth it’ll look like you sprayed it with future floor polish and buffed it to a high shine (which is basically what the compound is doing :-P). Honestly, I think 1000 grit sandpaper will get you close enough to where you want it. If not, bump up to 1600 or 2000. No need for compounds if you ask me.

Okay i’m gonna try sanding the whole kit with 1000 grit sandpaper after attacking the seam lines with higher grits first.

what’s the best way to sand thrusters to remove the nub marks without leaving uneven spots?

The best way I’ve done is just cutting as much of the nub off as possible and then running the sand paper around the entire thing until I’m happy with it

and that works with thrusters of all sizes?

From what I’ve found it works. If it’s not too detailed then it should be fine

^^^ This. I find that a foam sanding board/stickand light pressure works best. The foam sanding board/stick will slightly form the the contour of the thruster.

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I’ll have to look into that. I also find it hard sometimes holding on to the thruster while sanding it.

The thing that i came up with to hold thrusters is
This. Depending on the design of the thruster and how it inserts in to the backpack you can use a pin vise (round peg or hobby knife (flat peg) to hold them you can also use a piece of round or square plastic styrene and plug it into the thruster.

You can easily hold the part in your hand and spin and your sanding.

I have a hard time holding them and sanding them. So these other methods might work better for me.

I mean that is really cool, I might implement that to sand them cause it really is a pain to hold them

Sometimes I’ll just hold the parts in my fingers, bit this method works really well especially for small thrusters or round parts in general.

Even 1000 will leave a dull surface, what you need is a nail buffing pad like this after using the 1000: