Help with an MS concept for a Fan Fiction


I have an initial idea for a fan fiction but I am having difficulty because I am not good with drawings and digital arts.

I was wondering if there are any that can help me with art ideas for merging an RGM-79 with an MS-05A Zaku I Early Type.

Thank you for your attention and help and sorry if I posted wrong because it is my first post

Google RRf-06 Zanny. That should help give you an idea for your concept.

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thanks for the tip i took a look but i wanted something with a more integrated designer between the two.

I’m trying something else is difficult

Sorry for the quality because I’m not good at drawing and I did it in paint kkkkkkkkkkk

You welcome. Okay so your looking to blend the 2 designs. So I have to ask. Which GM design do you want to use? Are you planning on using the C Type like in you picture or a different version?

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Looks good to me. If you’re trying to blend the two, I’d start by thinking about what the purpose of the suit is, who uses it, and when they use it. A OYW Zeonic suit will be more specialized, while a Federation suit from the same time will most likely be more general-purpose. You can then guess about its weapons, what it’d fight, the reactors, what parts it uses, and a ton of other things.

For example, I started my custom suit, the Streiter, by blending the Kampfer and an ordinary GM. Then, I did some rough art.

Next, I determined that it’d be a Federation mobile suit developed from stolen Kampfer prototypes. That led me to equip it with a pair of Beam Spray Guns, two Federation-type bazookas, and an extra pair of knee-mounted beam sabers. The Federation didn’t have much need for a colony attack suit, so I made it a ground type, meaning that in the later art I eliminated a few of the verniers.

It’s a process.

And here, I made all of the colors match.

output-onlinepngtools (4)

I have my own custom MS with a lined sketch of it

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So I’m still testing to see which GM I’m going to use.
I can see what the possible quantities of each MS were produced by Zeon and the Federation to get a sense of which pieces will be more abundant as scrap to create mergers

Very good yours !!!

So I tried to start thinking about the purpose of the MS to be used and ended up kind of stuck with no idea.

So when I took it to analyze the productions of each side in the war, I ended up having the idea of ​​melting pieces of MS that were left over like scrap iron after the war of a year

It looks amazing with a robust appearance

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Okay, that sounds like a great idea!

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Still trying to merge the MS-06 Zaku II and the RGM 79.

Any suggestions in the design???

Not about the design of the mobile suit itself, but it’d be cool if the suit had a beam saber that had a heat hawk as a handguard. Sort of like the handguard on a cutlass.

Quick bash:

Hawk Saber


A great idea!

You can work well in the fusion of the two to create a unique weapon * _ *

I’m trying to list mobile weapons
of the One Year War as it will be the basis of FanFic.

List of Mobile Weapons One Yer War

[Earth Federation]

  • RB-79 [Ball]
  • RGM-79 [GM]

GM’s variants

RGC-80 [GM Cannon]

RGM-79L [GM Light Armor]

TGM-79 [GM Trainer]

[Principality of Zeon]

  • MS-05B [Zaku I]
  • MS-06F [Zaku II]

MS-06A [Zaku II First Mass Production Type]

MS-06C [Zaku II Early Production Type]

MS-06D [Zaku Desert Type]
MS-06E [Zaku Reconnaissance Type]

MS-06E-3 [Zaku Flipper]

MS-06J [Zaku II Ground Combat Type]

MS-06M [Zaku Marine Type]

MS-06T [Zaku Trainer Type]

MS-06V [Zaku Tank]

MS-06W [Worker Zaku]
MS-11 [Act Zaku]

  • MS-07B [Gouf]
  • MS-09B [Dom]

MS-09R [Rick Dom]

  • MS-14A [Gelgoog]

Gelgoog’s variants

MS-14B [Gelgoog High Mobility Type]

MS-14C [Gelgoog Cannon]

  • MSM-04 [Acguy]
  • MSM-07 [Z’Gok]
    But only those of Mass Production so far these are.

Does anyone have any suggestions of any missing?

Thanks> _ <


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A heat hawk with beam saber i like it

Forgot the MS-18E
The MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger
And the Gyan

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I think you may get some idea from the art book Master Archive RGM 79 GM (


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