HELP! Missing critical part needed

Hi folks,
I’m in the middle of a serious custom modified build of a Dom Tropen. I had to set it aside during my mother’s annual invasion, er, VISIT, and during that time, my two wonderful little hellspawns dumped some of my kits, including the Dom, losing part C20, the head/neck connector.

If anyone has a Dom Tropen parts kit, I’ll gladly pay for part C20, maybe others if it sweetens the deal for you. I’m open to trades also, if I have something you need. Just ask me. This is the part I need.

Did you ever find the part that you need?

Yes I did.

Glad that you found it. I’ve been in that situation a few times myself. It’s worse when it happens and you don’t see where the part went to.

Im glad you found the part that you needed. I was going to recommend this site.

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I would have as well.

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LOL, that’s who I got it from (plus a bunch more parts).