Help= Glue to use for break parts

I recently finished MG Unicorn and sadly, one of the folding horns (namely the “peg” and the main body) broke. I used a glue that the hobby store gave me (forgot the name at the moment) and wondering if there are better glue so that when I bend it, it won’t break.


I use Testors model glue

do you still have the glue from the hobby shop? And what kind of glue is it? I can’t imagine a hobby shop would steer you wrong.

I use Model Master (Liquid Cement for Plastic Models) from the hobby store. I apply it last night and right now, it feels flimsy and “bendy.” I’m afraid to apply force when I place or remove it in the head. (I accidentally break the horn by opening it WHILE still attached to the head).

I don’t want to use the replacement (opened and closed horns). Speaking of which, the closed horned that I used last night night got snapped and applied the same glue, the next morning it’s not as flimsy as the other one.

It’s sad that I just recently build the MG Unicorn.

okay where is the break exactly? If it’s in the middle of the fin, then the cement will work just fine. But if it’s near the connection point for the hinge, I don’t think cement is the way to go. As for the piece being flimsy, give it another day to dry and see how it goes. Can you get a picture of just the break, not the whole part, but just the broken area?

The fin has been, yet again, glued in before I got the chance to read your response. Sorry.

The damage is between the hinges and the fins down the middle. The hobbystore recommend me to scrape the off and handed me their personal Insta-Cure+ (cyanoacrylate) and Insta-Set (an accelerator). So far, it’s still flimsy; namely comparing a undamaged fin is different than fixed fin.

I’m thinking of either buying another set which is really sucks because that’s $55 right there and planning to buy MG Quanta. But i have to fix it before deciding that.

okay, so the hinge broke off the fin? Yeah, man that’s a tough break to fix. Don’t scrap the whole project yet though. I would try here or another forum and post that you need a replacement part, let everyone know what part it is, SOMEONE will have a spare V-fin set for you for your Unicorn.

Thanks for the heads up. Since this is my 1st gundam forum, what other sites are out there? I’ve been surfing lately and not many forums that are active. Any suggestion on which forums other than this one?

As for the progress report, I went around and saw some thread that can offer replacement parts. That thread is a bit old (last post was last year) and I send the customer service some details. I’m hoping and praying that I get some response. The downside is that they do get replacement parts but itll take a while (weeks to months). Since I’m an impatient person, I can’t guaranteed that I might get accepted bc I showed them the same pics that I showed you guys.

Didn’t even know if it’ll work.

I love my unicorn even though it’s transformation is annoying. Wished that I included the stickers in the request ;-;

Wow, you picked a fussy model to do as your first! Unicorn has become kinda notorious for being finiky, (the leg likes to fall off on mine :P) and I agree 100% that the transformation is a pain. I transformed it once and it’s staying in destroy mode.

But for you sir, I have in hand, a spare transformable V-fin (parts #18 & 19 from the C plate) that I can send you. I used the permanent open V-fin, and didn’t use the others. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested!


msging you!

I can now moved on building my next project.

You need to let the piece set up. Glue the part and then LEAVE it alone for a few hours at least. I know you got a replacement, but just a tip for the future.

is this glue compatible to seal the connection around the plastic area?

I wouldn’t use that if I was you. PVC pipe glue is stronger and thicker than model glue. You’ll mostly ruin your parts if you use that.

I only use that to tighten the connection area, not in rubber part.

You’re right, it damage some areas that I apply pvc cement in mistake. I should careful with it from now on.