Hello everyone, the names PsychoMantis or atleast it’s what i been going by since over 10 years. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gundam ever since i seen 0080(first anime to ever make a tear drop). I saw Gundam wing when i was very little and didn’t like it (caught it from the middle of season and was clueless on wtf was going on). Rewatched it about 6 years ago and loved it , then watched about every Gundam Anime out so far.

Even though I love the model kits i have only built a few myself so far. In delaware they were very scarce and couldn’t ever find them and moved on to other anime collections like my pretty darn big .hack collection and xenosaga is fair size.

I’m a United States Marine and i’m 24 years old. I believe this is the start of my new Gundam Era in my life.

Mantis…? Mantis…!? MANTIS!!!

Welcome, Mantis. What Gundam anime do you enjoy watching, and which ones do you not enjoy?

Are you looking forward to Gundam The Origin and/or G in Reconguista?

Anyway, your post seems quite old. I’m afraid the forum’s been down for a long while, and that happens often, so this place isn’t what it once was.
I hope you decide to visit again in the future.

Welcome to the forums sir. It’s good to have you aboard. I’m glad that you decided to choose this forum to start your new era of Gunpla, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome. I’m glad the forums are back on lol waited forever

Welcome to the boards. I hope the forum’s downtime didn’t deter you.