Hello gundamforums πŸ‘‹ my first post!

Hi :raising_hand_man: just another new guy introduction. I made my first gunpla kit about 20~ years ago and loooved it. It was an rx78. I have been into anime and almost all things Japanese since I can remember. I studied comic book art at the Joe Kubert school and work now as an art director for a small book publisher. The books themselves are not always small though. I have been drawing and painting for most of my life and have been a dedicated bonsai artists for the last 5 or so years and I love it. I bought some model kits recently and want to get back into gundam model kits. I am hoping to find some inspiration here and I’m sure I will. In my excitement I even bought a beginner airbrush kit. The kind of kits I would like to make will have a more artistic feel to them that I hope will make them unique. I would like to start out with some cheaper kits that would give me a good canvas for creating something interesting and different, with an ability for customization and different color schemes and textures. I am hoping y’all can recommend some options for me and some process wisdom. I do like the challenge however of more complicated and fun, rewarding builds. I also like Kaiju and soft vinyl. Maybe sometime I can post some of my art if anyone is interested. I’m looking forward to learning from this great resource! Thanks and peace to all of y’all!


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I’m a lil late, but welcome!!

I’m new as well. Hello.