Hello from a new member

Hello. The name is James Staley and i’m a new member. A bit about myself. I’m 59 years old (will be 60 in Oct. ACK!), I live in the town of Jones, Oklahoma (top NE corner of OKC). I love history (esp. WW2) and I am an “eclectic” modeler, meaning I will model whatever it is that is catching my interest at the moment. I am also a die-hard Otaku/Anime fan and build both figures and robot/mech model kits.
Having hung around several military modeling clubs for a few decades, I like to model my stuff “realistically”, meaning I like to build it as if it were REAL equipment in the real world, meaning lots of dirt, weathering, grim and “Not Pretty” paint jobs.
Can someone tell me “HOW” or “WHERE” to post pictures to? That’s the one thing a lot of websites somehow expect their members to know automatically, but never explain how to do it.

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Hey there.

If you wish to upload your work, you can go to https://www.gundamforums.com/c/gundam-model-kits/the-ego-zone-aka-the-member-model-gallery/17 , start a new post, title whatever you like, and for uploading pictures, just click on the little arrow up icon when writing the post and you will be able to upload the pictures either from a link, which not too sure how much will be uploaded, or from devices, which allows you to upload multiple pictures at once.

If you wish to make posts not related to your work, you can always click on the “categories” pretty much just below the Gundamforums.com banner and it will show you different categories.

Hopefully that helps.

Welcome to the forums! As F91 said feel free to post as much of your work as you like.

Well James, we look forward to seeing some of your work.

Welcome to the forums. You have any questions or want to know about something, someone will have an answer for you.