Hello everyone

I just recently got into building Gunpla. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the models but decided to get into the hobby as a way to do something away from the computer. I used to collect and paint miniatures and play some TTGs back in the day. I’ve built 4 HG models so far and I just got Char’s Zaku I from the Origin series. I have my first RG (Crossbones) on the way.


Awesome and welcome. Char kit is great!

Nice dude! I’ve been eyeing that Crossbone Gundam myself! I’ve yet to build a RG…

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Dude, the RG Crossbone is fun. I’ll create a thread for my creations and show him off. Lots of little details with him.

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Cool! I’m really thinking about picking him up. Just got a lil birthday money, and y’all know where that’s going…
Drools over usagundamstore

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25% off at Barnes and noble right now on all kits. Just leave me a f91 2.0 please. You’re welcome.

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Awesome lol :slight_smile:

Sadly they’re already sold out of everything I want. USAGS gets my money after all!

Unfortunately, F91 sold out few days ago online. You can still pick it up in store if you can find a store that have it.

Want one, but not really wanting to drive 30 some miles out to grab it and drive back…60 freaking miles…

Um, add “Daymade” for additional 15% off…:expressionless:

Yeah, definitely not worth. That is a sexy kit though!

Thanks for the welcome everyone. My Crossbone kit was actually waiting for me when I got home from work today. I ordered it from B&N when I saw their sale last weekend. I just got some extra money from a little freelance job I did so when I’m done with these I’m going to be hitting a few of the kits I’ve added to my wishlist on the store.


Dude this is a fun build. It was definitely unique for me, compared to other kits I’ve built.

man…Crossbone has always been my favorite mobile suit. Do you remember that scene in the Manga where they attach the giant booster onto the back of their binders to escape the planets atmostphere? Wonder if it’d be possible to scratch build one?

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