HD remakes?

I know there is an HD remake of Zeta, Wing but anyone knows if there is a remake of SEED? Or any other Gundam series?

Wouldn’t the HD remaster of SEED and Destiny that have been airing count?

I didnt know they were being aired.

They’ve been airing in Japan for the past few months. SEED was finished up awhile ago. And Destiny just recently began. I think this week will mark episode 13 or 14 of Destiny. A Blu-Ray set is being released in Japan of both SEED and Destiny. Though they are, quite expensive.

Nah I wont buy them but I am going to try to find a HD remake of SEED to download. The one thing I do really like is the design of Strike and Daggeers in the SEED. Actually it was my first Gunpla a 1/144 Strike.

I like most of the MS designs in SEED. Some look a bit, foolish. But to each their own. The only issue I had with SEED was the fact that they reuse all the Zeon designs and names. But I understand why they did that. There is a thread here that has the HD episodes. Hang on…

Here is Destiny.

I do like SEED but not the Destiny. While I do like many of the designs the whole Shin-Kira issue is just too badly done.

I think you can still watch the SEED HD remake from the gundam.info site, if you’re able to access it. Maybe youtube also.

See I have a very good connection, I have already downloaded the HD version. For me download is more convenient most of the time.

You can watch both gundam SEED and Destiny(if you are brave enough) at youtube by searching for Gundam SEED HD, I believe it is the Gundaminfo channel, it is official subs for English, Chinese, and Korean by Bandai. Last I checked the full SEED series was still available.

Now I don’t know about a “remaster” but several of the older gundam series have been released on Blu-ray and can be bought on Amazon or similar sites, but mind you they are expensive, like REALLY expensive. The ZZ Blu-ray series comes in 2 DvD sets one for the first 25 episodes and one for the second 25 and I think each of those was like $600 USD last I checked or something really really high. You can look up the Blu-ray openings for ZZ and they look pretty good, if you have the money to spend.

Yeah I am not going to buy ZZ on bluray, i dont really like it in the first place. The one thing I might buy on bluray is 00 but that is only when they release all of it in UK. And I was after specifically a SEED remaster because I heard some time ago it was planned. But now I am already watching it as I have downloaded it. The remaster I must say looks much cleaner with better lines and the CG bits have been redrawn so they look the part.

But thanks anyway appreciate the info.