Pretty much, this thread talks about as the title implies: Hardware. Essentially, What do you use? What kind of Painting equipment (brushes…yes I consider them hardware lol, air brushes, etc.), Lighing, Cameras*, ETC. Do you use to make, shoot, and show your works of art?

*This one im really concerned about. Im looking for a camera that’s cheap but its good + can upload pics to the internet. lol

Hmm, this is a really good subject. I especially want to see what types of airbrushes people use here. I use brushes from Aaron Brothers to paint my kits, various year-old Testors paints for details (still good), and some spray cans. For cameras, I just use an iPod.

Badger Velocity Krome
Badger Velocity
Gunze Mr. Procon Boy WA Platinum
Generic Compressor with tank. The one they sell on Harbor Freight and tcp global.
For a spray booth i have one of those folding ones that is all the rage now.

Camera: Old Canon G7. Really want to replace it with something smaller/lighter.
Photobooth: Generic foldable one from eBay that folds into a case.
Tamiya 12H The really sharp ones
Regular Xurons
Regular Generic Testors

Sanding tools:

Mr. Polisher
Miscellaneous 3m sanding sponges
Miscellaneous Sanding sticks
Miscellaneous grades of sand paper

10 year old Xacto knife
A few sets of design knives
Random sizes of hobby saws

Tamiya Extra Thin
Tamiya Cement
Mr. Cement Limonene type
Mr. Cement Deluxe
Random CA Glues.

Waaay to many drill bits

I have a ton of other random tools, i tend to use anything i can for the situation needed.

My philosophy is the tools are more important than the kit. If i see something i find interesting, i pick it up. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to build a nice kit with decent tools. Nowadays, most of my money goes to tools and more than anything else. PAINT! XD

This is going to be fun. Might make a video showing my stuff off… but in the mean time…

Games Workshop

Paint brushes:
Games Workshop

Iwata airbrush with some random compressor. It’s orange and silver lol

Painful stuff:
Wire cutters
Normal #11 exacto knife blades
Tamiya sand paper
Metal files from Testors (I think)
Nail files
Green Stuff
Tamiya grey paste

Zap a Gap
Testors thin glue

My smart phone is my camera. Found that the Mirco setting does help a ton.


Air Compressor: TCP Global TC-828 Twin Piston with regulator and 3 way air outlet.

Air Brush: Master G22, G23 and Paasche PAS VL-100D

Spray Booth: Master Portable Spray Booth

Airbrush Holder: Iwata-Medea Cleaning Station

Mask: 3M Low-Maintenance Half-Mask Organic Vapor

Safety Goggles: Global Vision Eyewear Escort Safety Glasses

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FZ150 for Picture and Video

Model Stand: Trumpeter Battery Operated Round Mirrored Display Turntable



Pliers: Xcelite L4G Sub-Miniature Needle Nose Plier

Varies X-Acto knives, Sanding Sticks, 3M Sanding Blocks. Mr. Polisher Pro. Tamiya Basic File Set, Tamiya Masking tape, Tamiya Tweexzers, Quick-Grip 530062 Micro Bar Clamp


Glue: Tenax R7 and Tamiya Extra Thin

Gap Filler: Mr Dissolved putty, Varies Tamiya Putty.

Primer: Testor Primer and Mr Surfacer 1500, 1200, 1000, 500 in varies color,

Paint: About 150 bottles of Tamiya Acrylics, Mr. Color lacquer, Allcad

Panel lining: Tamiya Panel Line Accent and Testor Enamels

I completely agree with this. I’m a person that enjoys the finishing, painting, and decal part of modeling. I have been buying more tools than kits the last months. I tend to pick up anything that will make a job easier and make a model look better.
Yeah…I like tools
Airbrush etc
Iwata HP-CR
Harbor Freight “Deluxe” Model AB (never really use this, it’s crap compared to an Iwata)
Harbor Freight AB compressor
Master Hobby portable spray booth
Mr. Push turn table
Iwata Table top cleaning station/AB stand
3m Organic vapor respirator
Paints/surface prep
Mr. Hobby
Mr. Hobby primer of different types
Tamiya primer
Alcad glossy primer
Future floor polish
Acad Glossy and matte clear coat
tamiya weathering kits
Tamiya putty
Testors putty
Flex-i-file touch and flow glue applicator (highly recommended)
Testors crappy tube model cement
CA glues, I like the thicker gel types. I buy generic, mr. hobby, and tamiya.
Mineshima plate, super thin, hobby, precision, and modeling files.
Uo-Chiyu “Files of minute use” set
Mineshima square and round sandpaper holders
various sandpaper sticks, blocks, sponges etc
Tamiya non scratch long nose and larger adjustable pliers
Mineshima micro taper series pliers
Mineshima PET mini pliers and nippers
Mieshima pine vise and drill bits (i have some tamiya bits also)
God Hand “Ultimate Nipper” sprue cutter
Tamiya Sharp pointed side cutter
Tamiya modeler side cutter + a few pair of generic harbor freight cutters
Harbor freight dremel type tool
lots of generic paint brushes
Olfa hobby and utility knives
tamiya scribing tool
various scribing tools and templates from hasegawa, et model
hasegawa decal scissors
Wave decal tray
Fuji Finepix
Samsung GIII

Here’s what I have for now:

Airbrushes and related stuff:

  • Iwata HP-CS (.35mm)
  • Badger Patriot (.75mm)
  • Master G44 x2 (.2mm, .3mm, .5mm)
  • Iwata Cleaning Station
  • 8 gallon air compressor (don’t really know the brand, but it’s big and noisy)
  • Paasche Cleaning Kit


  • Raphael Kolinsky sizes 0, 1 and 4
  • DaVinci Nova 3/0
  • Vallejo Toray 2
  • Humbrol Palpo 1 and 2
  • Citadel Detail Brush


  • Galaxy S4, Google Play Edition
  • Nikon D800 with macro lens (my brother’s, but I borrow it sometimes)


  • Xacto with various blades
  • Generic blade (looks like an Xacto, but no branding)
  • Tamiya P-Cutter II
  • Squadron Scribing Tool
  • Testors Sprue Cutters (made by Xuron)
  • Hasegawa Tri-Tools saws


  • Tamiya Extra Thin Cement
  • Super Glue
  • Tamiya Basic Putty
  • Polystyrene goo via acetone (will try out soon)

Sanding implements:

  • Various grits of sandpaper ranging from 600 to 3000
  • Generic nail buffing stick
  • Generic two-sided stainless steel nail file

Misc tools:

  • Toothpicks
  • Small metal ruler
  • Dymo labeling tape
  • Pin Vice

Decal stuff:

  • Generic straight tweezers
  • MicroSol
  • MicroSet
  • Mr. Mark Setter
  • Solvaset
  • MicroScale Liquid Decal Film


  • Tamiya Acrylic
  • Model Masters enamel
  • Model Masters acrylic
  • Model Masters Metalizer
  • Mr. Color GX gloss black
  • Various Alclad paints and Chrome
  • Vallejo Model Color
  • Vallejo Surface Primer
  • Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer
  • Mr. Surfacer 1000
  • Mr. Surfacer 500
  • Mr. Surfacer 1200
  • Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500

Airbrush gear
Iwata Revolution CR .5mm (although I know they make a .3mm conversion kit, I would probably get an Eclipse if I was going to go .3mm)
Iwata sprint compressor
Moisture trap for airbrush end of hose line
Generic airbrush cleaning jar/airbrush holder
Harbor freight airbrush cleaning brushes
Fine gauge glue tip cleaner from Testors, to clean the .5 airbrush nozzle.
Home made airbrush booth made from corrugated plastic sheet, zip ties, an $8 AC filter, a 9" 3 speed box fan, and some Batman duct tape.

Games Workshop
Some other brand I picked up from D& J Hobbies
really old plain wood handle thick brush you would normally find in a middle school art room (was good for big pieces of plastic that need painting…before my airbrush came along).

Still have a whole bunch of Games Workshop stuff from 15 years ago, that is still good (I checked, the old flip cap paints are good, the one paint from when they went to screw caps, needs thinning every couple of years).

Tamiya surface primer, either spray can or jar for airbrushing.

Random tools
Revell hobby knife set (same as the Xacto set, but cheaper)
green modelling clay from Games Workshop (again 15 years old and still good)

Model Masters fine tip glue for plastic, and another fine tip for window/clear plastic areas.
Humbrol polystyrene cement

Mostly my Samsung Galaxy Note II
Fuji s1000 Finepix Bridge camera (Zoom is insane on this, can get a good shot of a sea otter 1/4 of a mile away).

Question: do any of those $10 digital cameras you find at those Dollar Stores do well?

Not sure, if they can do macro mode for close ups, then it’s a case of trying out different models from different brands, although for $10 I can’t see them being much good.

I went from a pocket camera to the one I listed, might be more worthwhile starting with a proper pocket camera, over a disposable one.

Hey fellas, im looking for a good camera and I have absolutely no idea what to get. I need one to replace the monstrostity I already have (if you’ve seen my gallery or my little comic from paladingundams deal will know what im talking about) any reccomendations?

Hmmm, I’m not much of a camera man, but I do know that a DSLR or SLR is a good choice. Canon makes some good ones that work great for general picture-taking and include a macro setting.

I use Sony Cybershot DSC-W220, a digital compact. It’s an obsolete model, but it’s still awesome and takes great photos.

I recently checked eBay for price range. If you’re lucky, you can get one for under $40 :cool:.

With proper lighting most digital non-DSLR cameras can perform great. That said, not many things can beat the quality of DSLR cameras especially because many digital cameras have really bad interfaces for focusing on certain points.

So it really depends on your price point. Good digital cameras can be <80 dollars and good DSLR cameras can be less than 300 if you’re lucky! Best of luck.

Lighting is important. Under good lighting condition. Most recent camera will work well. Get something like this:


Then you can get good result with a $100 compact digital.

Question mates, where can I find Photoshop at a reasonable price lol

Isn’t the new adobe cloud deal like 20 dollars a month? It’s cheapest if you’re a student or something where you can get a hefty discount. I remember getting Cs 5 for around 89 dollars.

If you’re not completely set on using photoshop you can use a free editing program called GIMP http://www.gimp.org/ It’s technically the same with several changes in the keys and interface but the two are nearly identical in terms of simple post processing.

Best of luck.

Edit: I lied it’s definitely 50 dollars a month. My sister is a designer and she gets hers for free from her company >_>

Where do I get this GIMP?

never mind

Honestly I’d say browse around before purchasing any editing program. Some do things better than others, and what you are hoping to use it for can make a big difference in the end results based on which program you choose.

i used a Nikon D3000 and moved to a Canon T2i(that i hope to one day sell after finding a magical sack of cash so i can afford a 6D or 5D haha) a couple years back because i wanted video functionality but, most of the point and shoots on the market these days have pretty good MPs and Sensors. as for editing i use the free program paint.net to edit my photos, while its not the greatest out there. it does pretty good and doesn’t bring my laptop to a grinding halt when trying to render stuff haha. like wiz33 said lighting will make or break a camera’s quality regardless of what kind it is.