Han Solo

Just finished this today. Very proud to show it off and it’s perfect in my eyes. Usually, I clear coat my models afterwards, but I wanted to leave this one in the original form so I didn’t touch it. I just primed it, painted it, and albeit I got a tad sick from the enamel paint, I finished it off. This was an all vinyl kit. The detail was amazing. It actually looks like Harrison Ford, and the hands looked so real once they were done. I felt like I was touching a baby’s hand. It was that real. No complaints on this once, looks great standing up and all around very well done. I think mine looks better than the one on the box.


Vinyl parts:

Amazing detail:

Finished boots painted enamel flat black:

Progress photos:

If you’re ever in the Wheeling, WV area, I bought this from Hobbys Inc in Bridgeport, OH and it worked like wonders on the vinyl to glue it:

Finished photos:

Next project. Just arrived today. Possible contender for coolest box art? I think so. It’s pretty awesome:

Wow, that face looks great. Bet it would’ve taken a lot of patience for the result to come up that good!

Hey where’s Chewie?! Han is not Han without Chewie!

Anyways, excellent work on the kit. Seriously, I could’ve mistaken that for a memorabilia statue. Damn spot on!

That’s awesome! glad to know theres another Star Wars Fan there as well lol

You have done Harrison Ford justice my friend.