Hail Neo Zeon! CC Error Sieg Neon (Netflix)

I am watching Char’s Counterattack on Netflix and when everyone said “Hail Neon Zeon!” It translated Sieg Neon, which is close to Nazi salute Sieg Hei.

Firstly, do you think Neon Zeon is similar to the Third Reich and this is why the English Closed Caption team went ahead and translated it thus to try and convey what Neon Zeon is like?

Secondly, couldn’t it mess up a hearing challenged person’s perception of what is going on with Neon Zeon, making them simplistic space nazis when they are not?

Thirdly, how would one go about contacting Netflix to correct this error?

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As someone who has it on DVD let me just say this is the original English translation of the movie.

Second yes through the history of gundam UC its been implied that Zeon are “space Nazi’s.” You can even see it in a few of the Zeon/Neo Zeon mobile suits.

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Clarification: I was watching the English Dub, which has them say “Hail Neon Zeon” but Netflix’s Closed Caption says “Sieg Zeon.”

I must admit Char’s justification to wipe out earthlings because they pollute and are discordant seems very Nazi; although it could be equally seen as Environmental Terrorism to prevent the destruction of the planet.

Its intriguing how ahead of the times Gundam was on our planet’s decay and how we are using its resources to the hilt.

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I’ve seen the “Sieg Zeon” more in the original japanese english subbed versions, but it has been showing up more in the english versions as well.

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This is a frequent conundrum for us translators when it comes to depicting unedited translations versus conveying intent behind the words.

The characters are literally saying “Sieg Zeon” but the average layman may not be aware of what “Sieg” means if they are not German but at the same time, simply transcribing it as “Hail Zeon” makes it sound more mediaeval rather than the Nazi Allegory that was intended.

There is no straightforward answer and I do not begrudge any localisation for choosing one over the other.

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Actually, Sieg Zeon should be correct. Because there was decal from somewhere that says Sieg Zeon, maybe it was in one of the game or something, but definitely seen it before. Though probably like @Ronove said, they changed it so it does not sound like Nazi and probably in the hopes that Gundam, or Zeon specifically, do not get linked to Nazi due to that…