The main page http://www.gundamforums.com/ says we’ve been hacked.


O…K… Haven’t seen that before.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my end of things is working fine. This seems like the work of a practical joker hacker. I read about them last year in VB programming. They’re kind of like the graffiti artists of the web. They send joke messages to any website just because they can.

Edit: everyone, check your anti-virus and firewall programs to see if you’ve hacked or not. So far mine is working flawlessly.

I wasn’t going to post, given my status and all, but I just want to confirm that I was sending a PM to the administrators (m1ck3y and Asterisk to be precise) to inform them that i reregistered so no one could impersonate me after my previous account was deleted, when this hacker suddenly popped up in the administrator section on the forum leaders page. It was about 12:08 or so, when I reregistered, 12:16 when I PM’ed m1ck3y, and 12:28 when I PM’ed asterisk. I noticed his name after PM’ing asterisk.

I assumed at the time m1ck3y was just doing a test account or some such, given the name, but just a couple of minutes ago, I went to www.gundamforums.com to log in and check for a reply from Asterisk and/or m1ck3y and noticed the hack notice at www.gundamforums.com. The link to the board ( …/forum.php ) displays as normal.

I just emailed asterisk just to make sure the admins know the situation ASAP.

Of all the sites to hack, they hack this one. What assholes.

It seems like if you try to access the site through the main link it displays the message. I just tried getting here via the main link and got the hacked message. However I went to my history, and click on the battleground. Boom, instantly in. And I’m not getting the message anymore.

So what happens now? I mean Can you or the administrator fix it?

EDIT: I appears fellas that, as Walker explained, that only the MAIN Portal has been affected. I just tried to look up the True Battleground and managed to get on here. Just avoid trying to enter the Main portal and youll be fine. But still I hope you guys can fix it.

Seriously, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

When I first signed up, I dragged the link from the Gundam Forums logo to my bookmark bar, which is “http://www.gundamforums.com/forum.php”.
This is the main index, and it’s unharmed, so it would be the safest way to get in.

Yep, so long as you have it on your bookmarks or favorites, its good. its either that or you have to type in an alternate route.

Just changed the bookmark URL for me now. An interesting surprise last night, that’s for sure.

So is this something that’s fixable? Just wondering.

It should be, since it seems the hack just re-routed the DNS name resolution for www.gundamforums.com to that goofy page.

I couldn’t get in here all morning, tearing my hair out, giving the death stare to everybody. Stupid hacker.

My question is why did he hack a small site, with sub 300 (generous guess) users whom are here regularly?

He’s from some site called BugAbuse. The users of that site basically hack other websites for fun, and to show off their “skills.”

Thankfully this hacker only hacked the portal leading to this site and not the actual site itself.

He’s listed as an administrator of the forum and has been since at least 12:30 last night.

What’s his ID?

Gtfo_my_nuts or somesuch. Same as the hacked homepage. You can see his name under forum leaders.