Gunpla reviews?!

Hey all, I’m sure quite a number of you are familiar with various gunpla reviewers on youtube, but i was thinking of starting my own gunpla review channel. Would anyone be interested, would anyone maybe watch?
Let me know!

Why not, man. Give it a shot!

I’d watch it. I try to keep up with Rrobbert184 and Stryder Prime when I can. So yeah, if you want to give it a shot I say go for it.

Yup, give it a shot. Rrbobbert184 is really the best out there. There are a few others, but mediocre camera work makes them hard to watch. Make sure you have good lighting and a decent camera. Oh yeah, let us know so we can check it out!

Can always have more than a couple of reviewers for Gunpla, Vegeta hasn’t done anything for a while (keep hearing he’s kind of burned out), there is another guy that seems to find a problem or five with everything he reviews, only ones I watch right now are Stryderprime, Robert184, and Hobbylink.TV, so the more the merrier.

Sorry for the late postings and being absent, ive been crazy busy! But im gonna start up the channel soon, be sure to look out for it :smiley: I’ll post when i make it