Gundam X ending and the Frost Brothers

So I just finished Gundam X and it was a good show. It was a little bland in some areas, but the characters, Gundams, and story were so great. One such things were the main villains, the Frost Brothers.

They were mobile suite pilots with the power to communicate with each other through telepathy. But because the federation was so obsessed with NewTypes, they were ignored and looked down on. So they desired to cause another war to make the world pay for ignoring them and their special power. They did this through manipulation, backstabbing, and showing no mercy to anyone. Yet they always cared for each other and had a strong bound despite how evil they were. Heck even the Gundam wiki list them as some of the most evil Gundam characters.

In the final battle of the show, both their Gundams and Garrod’s(The main character) Gundam Double X are destroyed along side the satellite cannon power source. This ends the conflict, as the brothers had already killed off the leaders of the Federation and Spacenoids.

6 months after the final battle, it’s shown that Garrod survives and is able to enjoy the peaceful world with his girl Tiffa. Thing is, the Frost Brothers also survived too!? Granted the older one is now wheel chair bound, but other then that they seem to be alive and well.

Now them being alive is not what got me questioning, if anything I’m glad they lived since they were so fun to watch. But they seem to no longer have any evil intent or hatred to the heroes and don’t look like they want to cause another war. Granted the last we see of them, they are just peacefully watching the heroes from a far in the last scene of the show. But I really feel like there was a story that the viewer didn’t get to see.

So I’m wondering what the story there was? Did they somehow reconcile with Garrod and Tiffa and give up their evil ambitions? Maybe even get redeemed?

Could some of you tell me what you think happened? Perhaps share some theories on what happened during the ending of Gundam X? Also what do you think of the Frost Brothers and Gundam X?

Have yet to watch Gundam X, cannot really tell you what happened. However, from your description of the brothers, it seemed like they were mainly angry at the Federation, or group of people in the Federation. By the end, most if not all of the higher ups were killed and their Gundams were also destroyed, so their original intended targets were gone and they do not really have issues with other people to begin with, that was probably why they just make peace with all the hatred and whatever. They were most likely battle with protagonists because they were in their way… Probably something like that…


spoilers, don’t read if you still haven’t watched it
This idea is very good since it helps us stay sane, the problem is, these guys weren’t.
During the last episode they say some very golden lines lmao.
"This is to make everyone realize that the world should revolve around us."
"You could never understand the suffering of having superhuman powers and not being valued. Or the humiliation we felt. Or the despair. That's something that can only be healed by destroying the world."
"And once everything is laid to waste, a new order will be built. That's the proper future that we're looking for."
"The world treats us like dirt, so we're going to destroy it."

These guys wanted to destroy the world because of verbal humiliation, I don’t imagine they’d stay quiet after losing their ability to walk.
What’s sad is that there were several instances were they could kill the MCs but the older one prevented it because they wanted “real victory”. Which would come true only by executing their true objective.

I think they would totally try to unleash hell again, but they know that right now they can’t. The peace delegation leaders are both ex-newtypes who would do anything to prevent another war from breaking out. That said, we don’t know how much power they have. Also, I don’t think they revealed any of the things that happened during the war-prevention process to the public. People still don’t know about Newtypes and the brothers roam free in daylight.

After something like 6 years the people in power would have forgotten them too and so they can slowly make their way up again. It’s extremely hard to wait 6 years just to start the process of your revenge, but it’s the Frost Brothers we’re talking about. They have insane patience, more hatred than needed to destroy the world, and they know no hesitation or regret.

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