Gundam Wing/Hiro Vs Eva OO/Shinji

This is based on a discussion I had with a friend of mine some time ago, on the subject of who would win in a battle of giant mecha: namely Hiro Yui in the Wing Gundam Vs Shinji Ikari in Eva unit OO. Most people view this battle as David vs Goliath because of the size difference between the two machines, and that not an entirely unfair comparison, but in this case they have Goliath winning the battle just because of his size. In this case, one must take into account two factors: #1: who is the enemy these machines were designed to fight, #2: the pilots and their experiences. The Gundams are human-made war machines that are designed to fight other human-made war machines, where as the Eva’s are machines that are designed to fight supernatural beings (the Angels). To compare the two just based on size is to compare apples to watermelons and pronounce the watermelon the victor just because it’s bigger. The real deciding factor will be the pilots, or their skill levels. To pit an inexperienced Shinji in episode 1 of Evangelion against the experienced skills of Hiro from GW episode 1 would not be a fair contest. However, the combat-experienced Shinji of the middle-half to ending episodes would be a much more “fair” competition. Sincerely, James Staley.