Gundam Wing, guilty pleasure?

I recently attempted to watch Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz, key note ‘attempted’. GW is not nearly as good as I remember when I watched it on Cartoon Network as a kid but EW was alot better than I remember. The story in GW left me pounding my head and the plot armor all main characters left me is disbelief and I now know where SEED got it from (hell I bet Kira and Heero could shoot each other in the head and both would survive with a minor scratch). EWs plot makes more sense and seems better delivered that GW to me. Still though I enjoyed GW alot even though I skipped at least a third of the show because of the constant speeches and filler. Whats everyones opinion of the 2?

I watched a clip of the battle with the Serpents in EW (subbed) and I thought it was pretty darn nice. However, that’s because I didn’t really get to watch EW all the way back when it was still showing in TV dubbed.

Now, GW itself, I watched often and all the way. And I didn’t really like it overall. I found it tough to follow, slow, outrageous in its presentation, and the main characters to be like a work of a teenager’s mecha fanfiction (barring some exceptions, of course). You got your quiet teen with a heavy weapons suit, the long-haired teen that’s somehow dressed liked a priest with a God of Death moniker and a suit with a scythe, the emotionally sensitive softy teen with a suit that’s surprisingly normal compared to the others, the martial arts teen with a martial arts and Chinese themed suit that can spew fire, and then the ultimate badass teen who can do anything/everything and whose suit can potentially destroy an entire city but has no social skills. And they’re all unbeatable, even against combat veterans with twice the experience. And the final bad guy has long white hair with a huge chip on his shoulder.

I would’ve had an easier time with that if it was presented better (like, say, Gundam 00 or even SEED), but nope. Uber-badass teens with uber-badass suits that have the whole world on their shoulders and all of the adults can’t do a single competent thing other than die. I do love the mecha designs, though, and EW I found to be worth watching. I apologize to the Wing fans if all of this insults you. I’m just saying I didn’t enjoy Wing, that’s all.

Wing is what got me started in Gundam. So it will always hold a special place for me. Which why I have the DVD box set and have watched it probably 20 times. I will say as a kid when I watched EW it confused the crap out of me. Only now do I understand what they did for it. But I like Gundam Wing, is the best series I’ve seen? No. But I still like it.

Its like a childhood memory, its easy to remember the greatness even though it may have not been so great. I think thats why we at our pre-teen and young teen ages liked it, we could identify with the characters and liked it because its what we dreamed of as youngsters. The story wasn’t important at that time because our imagination filled in the rest. I guess thats why I still like it even though I know it isn’t that good now.

It’s fun, good probably not but if you can ignore all the issues it has it’s just a fun anime. Now that aside I agree it has many issues that make it almost unwatchable to gundam fans who are used to the deep very well written story.

It when I was a kid. It was my gateway into Gundam and Anime as a whole…even though as I later found out that ive seen anime before in my youth. It was great at the time cause the mech action was kickass, the characters were ok, though the story didn’t really matter to me lol. That is till I started seeing the other stories, characters, and mechs of the Gundam Universe (not to mention my mind “Evolved” to look at the bigger picture of things lol) and my outlook on it changed. GW will hold a special place in my heart, but its not exactly the best of the Gundam series. As for EW, I would LOVE to see Wing Rebooted into that one day, especially with the Wing Proto Zero and see it evolve into the Wing Zero we see in EW…Now as for Wing Rebooted as a whole, that’s another thread entirely, one that’s been done lol.

I find it less enjoyable then G. I was introduced to Gundam through G Gundam when it was broadcasted on Toonami. Then I saw SD GF…Guilty pleasure for me that I enjoy that. Guess I have a soft spot for kiddie stuff! Then I saw SEED and was brutally traumatized when I saw the late night version of SEED…And saw Kira and Flay getting it on. Yeah, I couldnt get that off my 10 year old mind.
When I compare them all, I didn’t enjoy Wing as much I did with other Gundam series. To summarize it, I find Wing boring because of the slow plot. Yes, Death Scythe was my favorite, but it felt too super robot to me, The other mobile suits felt realistic at least, but the idea of angel wings on Gundams…This is why the Wing Zero custom isnt on my personal likes list. The beginning was nice, but the rest of Wing just felt long and boring. I STILL enjoyed some of it at least.

I don’t rememer Flay and Kira going at it, I just remember her being in his room and they were protraying thats what happened, unless I saw a edited version of SEED. I kinda felt the same way about Wing Custom, at first I thought it was badass, but when I really thought about it I didn’t see the point and the fact it couldn’t transform bothered me too, its why I liked the Wing and Wing Zero, I liked its ability to transform.

If you watch the 1st complalation film of SEED it actually does show a new scene where Kira and Flay are in bed together. It’s not in the original series but it was added into the film that sums up the events of the 1st so many episodes. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Lol.

As for Wing compared to others. I really can’t put it into a category because I like watching it as much as any of the other series that I own. So it’s hard for me to say that I prefer it over another series.

In the regular version Flay is naked and covered by a sheet when Kira gets outta bed to put on pants. I’ve got it on dvd, it was obvious Kira got laid.

I remember the original scene caused a small uproar about sex, but considering all the violence (and SEED did have some graphic scenes) I’m surprised thats what got everyone so up in arms. This isn’t exactly a show for kids and isn’t a issue for teenagers because they see worse in regular tv.

We’re getting slightly off topic with all this SEED talk lol. I don’t hate GW and I think its good nor bad, I can see what they were trying to do but didn’t seem to know how to. I think it could use a good abridged series just to bring the story together

Seed Destiny is horrible. Wing is in the Middle. So what would be considered the best?

Best in what? Series overall?

There is no best. This is all opinion based anyway. Everyone has a different best.

Series, Overall, basically fellas, what do you think?

Me Destiny was horrible, Wing was Iffy, and The 8th MS Team/X tie at best way to do a Gundam Story. Any takers?

Probably not a surprise to anyone what my choice is: Turn A.

We need someone here who has Wing at the top of their list to bring this thread back on topic, haha.

00 is my favorite so far.

I will say this, I remember the final battle being a little more epic between Epyon and Wing Zero, still a great fight don’t get me wrong, but I remember it being more epic. Maybe thats the issue, everything about our youth seems great untill we relive it, while still fun it will always lack that first time experience

I prefer their first gundam battle, when Heero has the Epyon and Zech has the Wing Zero. That fight was so awesome.

That battle was good but I still think the final was the best, I think I will rate the batter with Heero and Trowa vs Quatra (sp?) in the Wing Zero second best