Gundam War?

Organization of the Zodiac (plus the wing boys as well as OZ Prize), Earth Federation (0083 Timeline Including Amuro and Char) and ZAFT (SEED Including Kira)

For gundam factions, as for their forces, they would have same as they did in anime, except that OZ would eventfully replace Leos with Serpents and their ships would be what Titans used in Zeta, seeing how OZ doesn’t really have capital ships. They still have that barge/bulge Space Mobile Fortress, so they would have Salamis Kai, Alexandria-class heavy cruiser, Lombardia-class and Dogosse Giar-class (not the general revil type)

As for Earth Federation, they would have pretty much what they had during 0083 and before that.

And ZAFT is using what they were shown using during the SEED anime, so no Destiny tech

And those 3 are in a war, so, who would be wining?

P.S. This is pretty much a idea for a crossover that I plan/work on, except that it crossover with Zone of the Enders, so as a side question, Could a orbital frame take on a gundam and win, or will it fall before the power of a gundam?(gundams are from timelines from these animes, except that Wing boys start with Gundam Mk.II before moving on to their own signature gundams)

The wing boys take it, the federation has nothing that can stop a single GW Gundam, let alone all 5 of them (6 If you include Epyon)and Seed only has two OP pilots, Kira and that other guy in the Justice. Pretty sure it wouldn’t take long for the GW crew to have Kira and that other guy in dresses working the street corner slum of the closest colony.

Now if were talking grunt MS then I think GW still has it because the Serepents were cheap version of the Heavyarms although Seed does have good grunts by the end of their series

Interesting. I often regard Orbital Frames to be superior to mobile suits.

Actully Wing has more then 6 gundams and I think you are wrong at the part where “Earth Federation has nothing to stop a single GW gundam” as it does have a number gundams of its own, as well as Mobile armors, which is something that Wing doesn’t have, including that RX-78GP03 Gundam “Dendrobium Orchis”, with I-Field so beam would be useless on it, that’s until heavier beam weapons come in. Also Federetion has something that neither ZAFT and OZ have in numbers combined, beam weaponry which is among the strongest weapons in gundam universe, I’m sure that levels the playing field, or turns it a lot to the Earth Federetion side.

Also Newtypes, the only thing in Wing that can counter newtypes is that Zero System,…to my knowledge at least.

As much as I dislike Kira,…mainly due to his fanbase and Destiny role, he is fine in SEED, he does get Freedom which is armed to the teeth, so that’s a plus for it against the Wingboys, beside ZAFT gets that Providence gundam, with DRAGOON system, something that Wing and (not sure though) Earth Federetion don’t have,…though I’m sure both would find a way around that.

Would that include Gundam type as well?

Someone hasn’t watched the original MSG…

Really what good MS, the GMs blow up with a gust of wind, the Zakus were a joke, Doms not much better, the Gelgoog is a great MS but they never got a chance to deploy alot of them and most of what they deployed went to newb pilots. MSG painted any MS that wasn’t piloted by a name character as junk (well pretty much every Gundam series does that though)

I stand by my original post, they will need to call Law and Order SVU in because the Federation and ZAFT are gonna get raped

Are you talking about Gouf? The “This is no Zaku boy, NO ZAKU!” suit? Or some other?

Yet you haven’t give a reason why, you just said that ZAFT And Earth Federation don’t have anything to take on Wing gundams, which might be true if they fought 1 v 1, which is rarely that they do. In term of mobile suit quality, I think that the edge goes to ZAFT, then E.F. and then OZ, weapon wise however I think that would go to E.F.,…in earlier stage of the conflict.

We saw the Wing boys take down hundreds of MS single handly, not to mention the wing grunts are getting Serepents which is nothing more than a mass produced Heavy Arms. The GMs stand zero chance, Amuro and Char will get creamed because their MS stand no chance between the main cast from Wing and ZAFTs Gundam boys, not to mention all their new type abilities will do is allow them to see all the ways they will die in the near future.

The fight will come down to the ZAFT heros vs the Wing Boys, which is 7 Gundams vs 7 Gundams (3 of which using the zero system, Heero, Zechs and Quattre). 4 of the ZAFT gundams rely on batterys and don’t seem to me to have the same performance as the rest of the Gundams on either side. Also take in mind all but one of the Wing boys thrives on killing people where as Kira and Athron avoid it. Its a no contest, wing has the better grunt MS, the better gundams, its a no contest.

Heavy Arms, which tactic tends to be “Stand still and use “Spray and Pray” tactic”, I’m fairly sure that Guncannons and GM Snipers will be quite effective at taking out a immobile target. As for Amuro and Char seeing all the ways they will die, that would pretty much allow them to avoid that. Also those “hundreds of MS” must have been made out of paper, or those weapons have no power in them, you have Leo destroy a Leo with its shoulder cannon, and in next second those same shoulder cannons only scrape off some armor from Aeries. Not a worthwhile achievement if you take out a hundreds of those in a MS that is immune to all the weapons that Leos have,…or aim.

Who would be the seventh pilot? And while I’m not an expert on Gundam Wing, but from what I remember about the show and the movie, only Wing Zero has the Zero system, well at least in the movie.

Well, if you disable enemy mobile suit, aka it can’t move or attack, it doesn’t really matter if you kill the pilot or not, cause what will they do? Get out the cockpit and take over a suit in a space battle?

The Snipers and Guncannon weren’t ever widely used and were built in very limited numbers, the GMs are just as bad as Leos, and if were going off the original MSG series then what Snipers? They used mainly GMs and Balls.

Who would be the seventh pilot? And while I’m not an expert on Gundam Wing, but from what I remember about the show and the movie, only Wing Zero has the Zero system, well at least in the movie.

Trieze has the Tallgease 2 which can easily stand along side the gundams. Epyon and Sandrock both had the Zero system, granted Sandrock used it as a tactical system to coorinate the battle.

Well, if you disable enemy mobile suit, aka it can’t move or attack, it doesn’t really matter if you kill the pilot or not, cause what will they do? Get out the cockpit and take over a suit in a space battle?

Disabling a MS takes more effort than destroying it. Were also talking about the Wing boys seem to love suicide as a last resort, disabling their Gundams will mean they may just blow themselves in a effort to take the enemy with them.

Were not going by original MSG series, I said 0083 and before that, so its stardust memory, including 8th MS team, war in th e pocket and that IGLOO series, it doesn’t include Zeta, Double Zeta and Chars Counter attack. Also if a manga happens in between 0079 and 0083, its also included, though only that which is on E.F. side.

Granted, I was wrong on this, I did check it again and apperantly there were 4 zero systems, 1 for Zero, one for Epyon (apperantly its called Epyon system), one for Sandrock, which Quatre apparently removed, and one for Dorothy who used it to control mobile doll.

Apparently it doest for Kira, then again maybe he just hits waek spots or something. And for the Wing boys who love suicide as a last resort, you mean like they did in the movie?

No in the series in general, Heero does it once and attempts it in the last episode, Quattre attempts it but Sandrock makes him get out, Trowa blows himself up in the blue OZ MS when fighting Wing Zero, and Duo attempts it also I believe. They do talk about it in the movie but in the show they acctually attempt it and somewhat succeed in a few occasions.

Yes. LEVs in Zone of the Enders can be compared to the normal grunt mobile suits and yet grunt Orbital Frames are superior than the LEVs.

“High-end” Orbital Frames like Dolores, Jehuty, and Anubis, while there’s a few of them, can utilize space compression and are far more durable than Gundams. I remember Dolores falling from space at great speed and landed on water causing tsunami while suffering neglible damage.

Project Aumman has the power to destroy the entire solar system and was cancelled out by the explosion of Anubis upper torso, while it can be said that the complete Jehuty is equal in power compared to Anubis.

Orbital Frames are just generally OP compared to mobile suits.

Kinda funny how they tend to survive those self destructions,…isnt it?

Great so that leaves me with 3 options. (dont want to make a crossover where 1 side dominates the other with no problems)

  • Write it down witout Orbital Frames,
  • Make Orbital Frames weaker, just barely stronger then gundams,…though I have no idea how to do that,
  • Use different serie with stronger gundams, I’m guessing Unicorn or 00, cause I dont want to use super robots (G-Gundam and Turn Units type) not a fan of super robots,…but I guess Orbital Frame is more of a super robot then a real mecha

Wait, was it really self detonation? I remember Vayeate being shot with TBR and was badly damaged. Trowa flew away from Heero and Quatre before the Vayeate explodes. I never saw him press any button or any kind of implication that it was self detonation. It was only shown that there were electricity everywhere as a sign of it ready to explode. Plus, in Gundam Wing, there are some kind of special animation and explosion unique to self-detonating device which was consistent through out the series and in Endless Waltz. I don’t think it was a self detonation.

True but half the cockpit was gone, if wouldn’t have been to hard to get out and float to a gundam to fly them away

I kind of hope this would lat a bit longer then it did.

Oh well =P guess it wasn’t a interesting topic to begin with.

Maybe it’s just because similar crossover threads had been created before.

Say, how about an original alternate universe instead?

Well I haven’t check all crossover threads here, so which is original alternate universe?

Personal if original Alt universe would be Gundam and something like naruto,…I would find it silly and pretty much stupid =P. We already have G-Gundam which is almost exactly like that.

Ninja pilots and ninja mobile suits? LOL
I did not expect that. Haha