Gundam vs Transformers(who would win in a fight?)

2 of these giant robot franchises are iconic.

The Gundams

And the Transformers?

If the 2 were to cross paths and fight, which would win?

Use evidence from both franchises to support your theory.

Turn A could kill the Transformers off by itself.

Moving to Battleground

Not even a contest a freaking ball could take down optimus the transformers are too slow!

Gundam. Wait a minute…

In all seriousness, gundam would win. Most gundams are a lot taller than Transformers, and as RX-78-2 said, they’re faster. The weapons can be far more devastating as well. A beam saber would destroy optimus’ heat sword. A beam magnum would eviscerate Megatron without effort. Beam rifles could easily and accurately tear through any transformer. Gundams also just have better armor. Think about it, ballistics weapons just are not all that effective against Gundams, and the Transformers primarily use ballistic style weapons, (save for a few). It’s no contest, Gundam would win all day every day.

especially when one considers the fact that even Shia Labouf (a puny human) managed to outrun Megatron. Goddamn Michael Bay… :mad:

Could you imagine what the Spiegel/Shadow Gundam would be able to do to the Transformers. It would be awesome! :smiley:

Heck yeah it would!

I think your giving the Transformers too little credit. Advanced lifeforms from another planet vs human built robots. The Transformers are super computers that can combine and equip super weapons. Gundam’s have human’s calling the shots and some humans cant pull the trigger and have bad reactions. I think the Transformers could pull it out in some cases based on how the fight is. BTW the movie transformers have all of the transformers as soft pussies. That’s not how they really are.

No shit.

Even if Megatron was at his most evil form, any of the Gundam villians would still kick his ass. You think any Gundam pilot would care once they found out they’re just fighting machines with an AI so advanced it seems like they’re sentient. Just put the most psychotic pilot in the most destructive gundam (Nena in the Devil Gundam for instance) and the Transformers become a meer thought of the past.

Quoted for truth. Put one of them in the Turn A and send them to Cybertron, and it would be like the ending of Ideon: Be Invoked (in other words, every single one of the Transformers would die).

@Drake: in my previous post, I was speaking as a G1 and Beast Wars fan; I just saw an opportunity to take a jab at the Michael Bay versions and took it. :wink:

While Turn A is the obvious and excellent choice, I still think watching Devil Gundam go to work would be much much more exciting.

Honestly, it would be fun to watch any of the Gundams slaughter Transformers. I just mentioned the Turn A because there is zero chance the transformers could defeat it. :wink:

Well as said, Turn A can single handedly wipe every trace of tech from the solar system…ergo Gundam wins. Not to mention most MS can plow though a Transformer.

All we need is a red Zaku…nothing fancy.

Okay listen, If turn A did that it would kill all tech including the gundam’s. I just dont think your giving the Formers a fair fight.

The Turn A would still be around and kicking. Besides, as has been stated earlier, even a Ball could kick most of transformers’ asses in single combat.

Your getting carried away. I doubt that in so many ways.

Unicron. End thread.

But seriously, I’ve been a die-hard 'formers fan since Gen 1. Granted, the Gundams would likely win the majority of the fights, I’d give Unicron the edge in ANY match-up. Plus, there’s that whole Matrix of Leadership Deux-Ex-Machina deal in Optimus Prime’s chest, which would likely solve a lot of problems for the 'formers.

Optimus was taken out by a couple of shots to the abdomen. I think even the Age-1 with its hax DODS rifle could take 90% of the Transformers out.

(My wife will kill me if she reads this)

He did have to worry about that Hot Rod hostage problem in that scene, you know, right after crushing about a dozen Decepticons single-handedly. Besides, if it ain’t Optimus taking 'em out with the Matrix, it’s Hot Rod that does it - and really, that’s just…bad.

Touche`. It’s been years since I’ve seen that, honestly, I’d completely forgotten.