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Akward moment: What the heck is Ideon?

The show created by Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam’s creator) after first Gundam was originally cancelled. In Ideon, Tomino lived up to his nickname of “Kill 'em all” and literally killed everything, including toddlers and pregnant women. Given its age, violent content, and the fact that anime is a niche market in the US, we will likely never see an official release over here, which is a shame, given everything that I’ve read about it. Anyway, it was basically my way of saying that we’ll get Evolve licensed for NA at about the same time that pigs sprout wings and fly.

maybe…maybe not…Lets keep our fingers(and toes crossed)

If you want to see a legit release…I’d recommend one of my favorite Gundam series’ “Turn A Gundam”. It’s about to have an official U.S. DVD release this year!

Man I haven’t been on this thread in a while lol.

As I said in the Currently watching thread, I’m currently marathoning G and Wing at the same time. honestly, out of all the dubbed Gundam series I have in my collection, the only ones I don’t have are Unicorn, and those two. Im just wondering, to any who know better than I, where I can find some box sets (complete series) of the two (G and Wing)…on sites that are of course legitimate and affordable (as in they don’t cost a literal arm and leg to bloody get!)

I’ll say good luck on that one sir. The last few I’ve gotten were from Amazon. They have gone up in price lately.

I still need to get the Destiny Movies. When I looked for them last year, they wanted 100+ for the 4th one. Stuffs out of print, and those who have it, aren’t coming off it.