Gundam video Retail stores

Ok Here goes

I’ve seen MSG, Zeta, Gundam Wing (This is the one that got me hooked on Gundam from the get-go), Gundam OO, Gundam 0080 and 0083, Endless waltz, Turn A, Seed and Destiny, G Gundam, 08th MS team, and a little bit of Unicorn.

But sadly (and I’m probably gonna get chewed out for this), I’ve never seen chars counterattack (fully), Gundam X, F91, and a number of other little jewels I am ashamed of admitting of not seeing.

So my question is where can i find a good LEGIT* retail site online to find these works of anime art (and I want to see them SOOOOOOOOO badly!)?

  • when I mean LEGIT I mean not pirated.

You forgot Victory Gundam btw, I hear it’s actually really good. I can also tell you that IGLOO is downright amazing, and sad.


@SFA: Thanks for the sources man! You saved me alot of trouble in finding these places! No wonder they call you a Super Moderator! LOL has lots of anime on DVD, including Gundam. As far as X is concerned, no “legit” retailer will have it available, as it hasn’t been released here.

actually, the sources that SFA gave me have X and its legit. so in case your lookin for X, check SFAs post.

That’s still a bootleg, X hasn’t been licensed for US release.

really? Touche Exia

Hey wait a minute! is F91 licenced for US?

and what about OO (Series not movie)

Yes to both.

00 movie is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. F91 can be downloaded on Xbox Live and PSN (I think).

I mean in DVD format for F91. i cant get it from those venues dude

Gentlemen, I missed skittles post. disregard this transmission LOL

Try Rightstuf - it’s part of Bandai’s ‘Classics’ line and I think I got it on sale for about $10.

Oh, Rightstuf sale… I’m still debating finishing off my Gundam 00 S2 collection. It’s low-priority but the price is so good…

what about straight from the source: bandai is it legit or should i avoid it? the answer is obvious but hey better safe than sorry.

ps on your OO S2: go for the gold man!

Right stuf has great prices, Bandai entertainment tends to ship a little sooner for new releases, and Anime Nation is where I managed to track down the legitimate release of MS Igloo.

As far as what has been legally released on DVD in the US:

  1. MSG (series and compilation films),
  2. Zeta (series and compilation films),
  3. Char’s counterattack,
  4. F91,
  5. 0080,
  6. 0083 (series),
  7. 08th MS Team (series & Miller’s report),
  8. MS Igloo (both Hidden One Year War and Apocalypse 0079, both are out of print),
  9. Unicorn (episodes 1 & 2),
  10. G,
  11. Wing (series),
  12. Endless Waltz (OVA and movie versions),
  13. SEED (series and compilation films),
  14. Destiny (series, Final Plus, and compilation films),
  15. 00 (series)
  16. 00 A wakening of the Trailblazer
  17. SD Gundam Force (both seasons, discontinued)
  18. G-Saviour (discontinued)

Additionally, A wakening of the trailblazer and episodes 1, 2, & 3 of Unicorn are available on Blu-Ray, while both PSN and Zune(Xbox/Windows) have Unicorn and some of the compilation films available to rent (including the 0083 compilation film, which has not had a North American DVD release).

MSG’s DVDs will be rereleased as two anime legend boxsets, with the first half coming in mid-September.

Turn A Gundam has been licensed and will be released “in the fall”, continue to check for a more specific release date.

Legally licensed North American DVDs will be region 1 and are licensed to Bandai Entertainment (Igloo is licensed to Honneamise/Bandai Visual USA*). Legally licensed Blu-Rays are region A (be warned this is the same region as Japanese Blu-Rays); the North American release of A wakening of the Trailblazer was done by Bandai Entertainment, while the Unicorn Blu-Rays are being released by Honneamise.
*Honneamise used to be a separate region 1 licensor under the direct control of Bandai Visual Japan, until it was folded into Bandai Entertainment as the premium label a couple of years ago.

ZZ, X, Victory, MS Igloo 2: the Gravity Front, CE 73 Stargazer, the 00 compilation movies, AGE, green Divers, Evolve and anything SD (other than Gundam Force) have not been legally licensed in the US. Any DVDs you find of them will either be bootlegs or the Japanese releases (which are region locked and do not contain English subtitles).

Spetember 13th, to be exact.

@Zeta-G “Legally licensed North American DVDs will be region 1 and are licensed to Bandai Entertainment”

What Is Region 0?

region free/region unlocked. If a movie dvd is region 0, it is usually a good sign that it is a bootleg.

Again, all legally licensed North American Gundam DVDs are region 1; for Blu-Rays, region A.

And if it has say all the north american Legal credentials and is still called a region 0?

Then it’s a bootleg (unless the merchant mislabeled it). Bandai Entertainment’s Gundam stuff is all region locked. I know, I own almost every NA Gundam release (destiny tv movie 3 and a few volumes of msg the series are all that I’m missing). Believe me when I tell you that finding a legit copy of Igloo will seriously test your patience; Google turned up bootlegs and R2 (Japanese) releases, but Bing managed to locate the North American editions for me several pages (10+) in. and only carry officially licensed anime and manga, so if you shop only from them, you won’t have to worry about if something is legit or not. Also, as has been previously noted, Right Stuf is having a massive Bandai sale at the moment, so you can pick up quite a few DVDs on the cheap.

Thanks man for the heads up and thanks for the site recoms

PS when will Gundam EVOLVE hit US shores?

About the same time that Ideon does (don’t hold your breath). I think Bandai Japan sometimes tosses Evolve discs in as promotions for model kits on occasion though.