Gundam Value?

So I need some help.

I have to file bankruptcy because well, sometimes life sucks.

Anyways, I have to place a value on all my personal items, and I’m trying to figure out a fair market value for them. I know opened kits (assembled) aren’t what they are worth new. My lawyer told me to list items what they would go for at a garage sale. Any advice? Ebay is way overpriced on things, so I can’t get a good feel from there, but I also don’t want to undercut the value. (Plus I’m biased)

Idk if this is the right category for such a question…

Tbh it’s what someone is willing to pay and if it’s a fair price compared to a new kit.

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Went though something similar, couldn’t even afford a lawyer. Nearly came on brink to sell it all out for peanuts. But refrained long enough and things started to get on tracks. Now I use them as war trophies. Its like a personal milestone.

But if you don’t think its worth it then sell it for whatever amount, as fast as possible. Don’t worry about the price. Fast money is better than no money.

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Are the kits built out of the box, or are they painted? Fully painted kits can be of different values than other kits. Cause you can factor in the cost of materials to paint them, and your own time to actually paint them.

I saw they selling Earthree in the mall about 55, but online price around 30.

Don’t forget to factor in if everything is there for the kit (ex. instructions, all pieces, etc), and if anything might be missing or broken.

Sorry to hear that you need to file bankruptcy. If you ever need to vent, feel free.

However, if you wish to get the MSRP of the Gunpla, you can definitely check out , it will have the MSRP and sales price of the Gunpla in yen. And for simplicity, just divide the yen by 100 and that is approximately how much the Gunpla worth if they are pretty much MISB.

Built ones are up to how much you wish to price it. Have seen some super high priced PG that are straight build. Kind of not making sense, but those are their kits, so they can price however they wish to.

Good luck, hope you will pull through without issues.

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