Gundam Universe United

And may I add that all Gundam needs a masked character. * Carozzo “Iron Mask” Ronah - “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”

  • Neo Lorrnoke - “Gundam SEED Destiny”
  • Rau le Creuset - “Gundam SEED”
  • Graham Aker - “Gundam 00”
  • Zechs Marquis - “Gundam Wing”
  • Chronicle Asher - “Mobile Suit V Gundam”
  • Harry Ord - “Mobile Suit Turn A Gundam”
  • Schwarz Bruder - “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”
  • Full Frontal - “Gundam Unicorn”

Huh, personally I’d prefer an Interdemensional Lapse just mish mashes seprate Multiverses into one, I.E some Locales from each Universe show up, with the major players, making for one confuseing situation, imagine just floating arround in Side 3, and then the Colony manages to smash into Veda. Make for some Lolz.

Why of course… This guy. :slight_smile:

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That’s what I was thinking not every pilot would have a Gundam or Gundam class suit but quite a few.

I’ll get back to you at that within 48 hours. I’m so busy with Job training that I don’ have much time or even much internet access for that mattter.

Wow bro. Side 3 and Veda? Wait. There is a problem though with that ending. Side 3 is a colony while Veda is a base or moon. So while Side 3 floats near other colonies how does it possibly wander near Veda or other timeline’s stuff? And if they were that close then they would have already found out about the other timeline(s). There can only be one explanation to that. That they already knew but we never saw it in the anime/manga. And Jae102. Will your explanation/argument be that long for my post?

Well this is going to be an alternate universe so there won’t be anyhat. It’s going to start off basically with a new one year war then the alaws will arrive then Char’s Counterattack will be a conclusion of Zeon and the Alaws. There may be some diffrent galaxies since Gundam 00 did have deep space ship and that would be really cool.

Alphachurch I’m a busy man. I’m trying to get through this Job training so I won’t be living at home any more.

I’ll lan out more of what’s going to happen and you’ll see it in my own post.

Crazy stuff happens when space and time just randomly say ‘Lol screw you guys’ and mashes together several universes. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was mainly a joke type deal.

Huh? What do you mean joke type of deal?

This my theory of the universe I’m trying to gouge in a synopsis.

Basically imagine in a Alternate Gundam Universe where all the Gundam characters and Gundam stuff co exist with eachother.

All the Federations will be united and using all the Mech’s the Gundam’s and Gundam class suits will have some that have mass production such as the Gadelaza, F91 VSBR, Brave, and so forth but with moderartion. Other Gundam’s and Gundam class suits will not have mass production such as Epyon and so forth. The Federation will also have control of Veda/D.O.M.E. and Mobile Doll System with Amuro’s One Year War battle data for MS’s. The Gundam and Gundam Class suits won’t be in high mass production though because it would be unfair to Zeon.

Zeon will basically represent most of the characters that are fro space from all the Gundam series. Zeon will have access to some technology too.

I picture the Gundamverse happening having Amuro as the main characters but Kira, Flint, will also be going throught their character roles as the same time as Amuro. Also a lot of character will be playing similar yet diffrent roles. Like Domon being a tool for the federation like Amuro.

Wonder, another kind of joke post, but will Kira’s plot Armor work against someone from another Universe? Trollface

jupiter empire is set in the future of the UC

yes but most of those inventions were copied by the opposing faction in all their alternate series

this would make most pilots obsolete as most are used to cockpit type piloting and can’t move as fast as the pilots from G as most aren’t as well trained as G pilots

don’t forget Jesus yamato is the strongest and most advanced coordinator whatever side he is on will have the intelligence to develop the same tech.

If I were to involve myself to your world, I’d nuke it away.
Just nuke it.

Fuck No. Just kill Kira.

And I’d nuke Duo and Trieze. Also Deathscythe if you don’t like my thread or my posts why don’t you just don’t reply. I’ve never bashed on your posts.

Kira never developed any Gundam or MS tech that was some Zaft that were on Lacus’s side that did that.

Kira never developed any Gundam or MS tech that was some Zaft that were on Lacus’s side that did that.

Fuck No. Just kill Kira.

And I’d nuke Duo and Trieze. Also Deathscythe if you don’t like my thread or my posts why don’t you just don’t reply. I’ve never bashed on your posts.

No this is an alternate world they won’t be using the cockpit system that G has but their battles will be less robotic like 00.

Kira never developed any Gundam or MS tech that was some Zaft that were on Lacus’s side that did that.

You must’ve comprehended it improperly. What I intended to express was, I regarded your imaginations as “too exaggerated” “to be Gundam”.

There’s some limits instructing when to quit upgrading MS’ power and you might’ve passed it already. With the mobile suits being capable of comitting that much, pilots would be useless.
The same applies to hadosan.
I am totally unable to imagine them possessing that many weapons and being capable of initiating the mentioned kinds of attacks.
It is binding to be aware of when to quit doing so.
I don’t oppose any of your personally made up ideas, yet allow me to submit this :

IF you keep this up, even the disapproved ideas will force this to look as if it didn’t own any elegance.

Cool so let’s have the Stark Jegan pilot kill him. Dude has more skill in his pinkie than most pilots do. Guy didn’t react fast enough because his balls of steel got in the way. (And that’s how the Kashatriya got him)

ok just wondering how other pilots would be useful in that timeline
and true he didn’t make any MS or tech to be useful he found it all but he did develop a program so that normal humans could pilot MS when he was in orb as coordinators could understand the advanced programs were norms couldn’t this in itself is a massive turning point in his series proving he has a wider understanding of the tech in the series

The idea of Mobile Suit Gundam was to keep the science explainable in real world terms. That’s why Gundam 0079 was ‘10 years ahead’ of it’s time. Even if we can’t build a real life Gundam, it’s certainly works ‘in theory’. Yoshiyuki Tomino even removed the Gundam Hammer from the compilation movies to make it look more real. If you truly want a surreal Gundam Universe, you’ll need to keep you science within real life theory.