Gundam Unicorn: Lineage

So I was going to wait till I had the first chapter done, but realizing that none of you would want to sit through 15+ pages of it, so I’m breaking the chapters/episodes up in parts.

Gundam Unicorn: Lineage
Season 1

Episode 1: The Depths of Shadows
Part 1

“Disperse Minovski particles at combat density! Lower the bridge! All hands to stations, we are now at combat level five!” 

In the time before a battle begins and when it actually ignites, several thousand thought processes and overwhelming questions happen within a captain’s mind. How prepared is her crew, how many mobile suits should she deploy, how much experience does the enemy have, are they near support? These questions can cause, and have caused, captains to snap under pressure, and lose their entire unit. Captain Aurora Barton on the other hand, would not fall victim to that pressure. 

“Prepare to fire the Shatten Falke and launch a volley of hail fire missiles!”

Aurora Barton had grown up on Earth, both of her parents being captains for the Earth Federation Space Force, or the E.F.S.F, and had always aspired to follow in their footsteps. Two years after her graduation from the Federation Officers school, her dream came true. The Federation had granted her command of her first ship, The Albion, and she had fought during the second Neo Zeon Movement. Given her outstanding performance during the conflict, they had requested her to be transferred to the Terran Sector, which was formally known as Mars before the terra-formation process began. Once there, she had been assigned to the Archetype, an old salamis class warship that had been retro-fitted with some of the latest weaponry. 
Her first year serving over Terra was a quite and uneventful one, but it had given her ample opportunity to bond with her crew. However, that down time would soon come to and end when she had received word that a Neo Zeon, now known as the Sleeves, vessel had stolen an experimental propulsion system from a Federation outpost on Deimos. The Archetype was now within four kilometers, just within engagement distance, from the Sleeves’ vessel, and Aurora wasn’t about to let it slip away easily. 

“Once the hail fires have cleared the ship, launch Re-Zel teams one and three! Have them engage enemy mobile suits at points four and five, and keep them clear of the Shatten Falke. I want a clean shot at that ship!” Aurora ordered, quickly analyzing every detail of the battlefield. 

“Ma’am! We’ve confirmed launch of mobile suits from the enemy ship! Five Zulu types! Wait, one more signal confirmed!” “What is it Operator?” Aurora asked. “Unknown Ma’am!” Operator Taru relayed from his post below the captain’s chair. We can’t confirm it in our known database!” Aurora had no time to consider the risks of going against an unknown suit. She knew that if they were to capture the enemy vessel and recover the propulsion system, she needed to act quickly. “Proceed with launching the Re-Zel teams!” 

The hangar bay of the Archetype was alive with the commotion of preparing for battle. Large lifts carted ammunition to the six mobile suits that lined the walls, mechanics were frantically making final adjustments, and the pilots were suiting up. One pilot stood in front of his machine awaiting final preparations to be completed. He was a young man, average height, well built with dark blonde hair and wore very obscure sunglasses that were tinted dark orange and came out to an angled point on either side. Among the crew, he was known to be one of the most lively and enthusiastic, and always tried to make the best of every situation. While his combat experience was limited to simulations, he showed potential to be a great pilot. As he stared, grinning at his machine, the chief mechanic walked up beside him. 

“You ready? This is gonna be your first sortie Gage, think you’re set for it?” The mechanic asked the young man. “Damn straight I’m ready! Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for it Wes!” Gage responded with the utmost enthusiasm. “Aye, that’s right, it’s your birthday today.” Wes continued “Well don’t get yourself killed out there, I gotta present for ya when you get back.” “Haha! I don’t plan to!” Gage exclaimed as he adjusted his sunglasses. 

"Gage! We’ve got our orders!” A voice came out from across the hangar. Gage turned around to see who it was. “Ah! Ensign Taryn! What do we have?” He asked the young woman. “Sir! The Captain wants your team to engage enemy mobile suits at point four and my team at point five.” Taryn responded quickly. 
Taryn El was a young Ensign who had just graduated pilot’s school. She had a slender body and short black hair with deep blue eyes. She was known amongst the crew to be very kind and open, which led many to view her as a sister rather than a pilot.
 “So she wants us to open up a line of sight for the Shatten Falke… It’s too bad James won’t be able to see this. He had potential.” Gage said with a hint of sadness. “Aye sir, Space Fever is deadly; it’s a shame James had to die from that.” Taryn responded. “Well, with one less suit out there, it should be an even fight!” Gage exclaimed” Alright then, let’s get to it!” He said excitedly. Taryn nodded in agreement. 

Gage ran to his Re-Zel’s lift line and rode it to the cock pit. Once settled in, the hatch sealed and his 360 degree monitor came to life. The hissing of air compression could be heard through Gage’s helmet as the suit prepared itself to be launched into the void of space. Statistics and vital signs appeared all over as the suit ran its final system checks. “Everything’s green Gage, you’re cleared to move to launch deck two.” Wes’ voice came over Gage’s com system. “Thanks Wes, heading out now!” The Re-Zel’s fusion reactor hummed as Gage began walking the suit to the launch deck. With each step the cock pit vibrated slightly. Gage stopped momentarily at the weapons rack and armed the Re-Zel with a beam rifle and a shield. Once he reached the launch deck, he locked the suit’s feet into the catapult mechanism. Another voice came over his com system. “Switching launch command over to Commander Gage, do you have control?” “Confirmed Operator, I have control.” Gage responded. “You’re clear to launch.” “Rodger that Operator, Commander Gage Rickman, Re-Zel, Launching!” Gage jolted back in his seat as the g-forces from the catapult propelled his unit into the vacuum of space. “Bro, I’m counting on you to guide me.” Gage said quietly to himself. Once the rest of his unit was behind him, he transformed the suit into its wave rider form, and thrust toward the battle zone.

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Very entertaining. You convey the frenzy before a battle vividly and I had no troubles imagining the settings and characters. Well done, GNZ.

Very cool. like the characters, especialy Gage with the orange Glasses.

Glad to see you all like it so far. Since it was met with good reception, I present to you Episode 1, Part 2:

A wave of panic had crept over the crew of The Vineta, as the E.F.S.F ship was closely approaching, and all hell was breaking loose on the ship. “Damn it all! How in the hell could that ancient pile of junk have caught up to us so quickly?!” Captain Anselm shouted angrily at his bridge crew. “Sir! We suffered from an engine malfunction when we were trying to escape with the propulsion system! We told you that when we left!” A crewman stated. ”Shut up private! I don’t care what you told me about then; I need to know what’s going on now! How long until we can fix the piece of shit?!” Anselm responded angrily. “We don’t know sir; the technicians are still working on trying to find the source of the problem!” The crewman responded shakily. “Sir!!! Incoming wave of hail fire missiles from the enemy ship! Ten seconds till impact!” another crewman shouted. “ALL ANTI-MISSILE BATTERIES FIRE! BRACE FOR IMPACT!” Anselm shouted over the com. The bridge crew went silent just for a moment, then the ship rocked violently as some of the hail fires found their target. “Damage report!” Anselm requested. “Minor damage to decks seven and twelve. Anti-Missile batteries took out most of them before impact.”
“Sir!” a voice came over the com. “WHAT NOW?!” Anselm couldn’t take anymore bad news. “We’re having problems loading the Zulus on the launch decks!” Anselm’s hand hit his forehead “I asked for an experienced crew, and all they give me is a bunch of imbeciles like you! What is the damn problem?!” The voice over the com continued. “Sir, you told us to load the propulsion system in the hangar bay, but it’s too large, and along with Ensign Isaak’s Lamellar, the ways to the launch decks are blocked! If we launched the Lamellar out of the rear hatch, we could get the Zulu’s out as well, sir!” “I will not send that self righteous bastard out! We can do this without-” “Eh-hem.” Anselm was cut off by a small cough behind him.
”If you would just let me launch sir, I think I can deal with the feddie problem you’re having.” A suave and arrogant voice came from behind the captain’s chair. “Are you trying to undermine my authority Ensign Isaak, because I will not stand for it right now!?” The captain turned and glared at the young man who was reading a novel and standing behind him. Isaak was a slightly taller man, only twenty years of age, had dirty brown hair, one blue eye and one green eye. “Of course not sir, I’m simply making a tactical suggestion that can benefit all of us. You can make your escape, and I can test out the Lamellar’s combat capabilities.” Isaak responded calmly.
If Anselm hated anyone on his ship, it was Ensign Isaak. A cyber-newtype with an arrogant disposition, Isaak had been assigned to The Vineta under special orders from Sleeves high command, and was given a prototype mobile suit called the Lamellar. Anselm always despised those given special treatment, and Isaak was no exception. However, Anselm knew if he wanted to get out of this situation, he’d have no choice but to send him out to defend the ship. “Damn, I hate it when that brat is right… But Hell,” Anselm thought, “Maybe the spoiled bastard will get himself killed out there.”
“Fine, go. You have ten minuets to get them off our tails. If you’re not back in this ship within that time limit, we’re leaving you behind. Once you’re out, have five Zulus follow for support.” Anselm said with a hint of reluctance. “Aye captain.” Isaak responded nonchalantly. “I’ll just finish this later…” Isaak said quietly to himself has he pocketed the novel and headed towards the lift.

Isaak made his way to the hangar bay of the ship, where his mobile suit was eagerly awaiting his arrival. Isaak hadn’t seen combat with the Lamellar before, and a shivers went down his spine as he smiled at the prospect of fighting with the suit. “Hmm”, Isaak pondered to himself as he rode the lift to the hangar of The Vineta. “I wonder why I was chosen to pilot a machine designed to kill…Armin knows I despise killing…”
Many who did not know Isaak personally would say that he had a bloodlust, and was only interested in killing for the sake of killing, but Isaak was in fact, just the opposite, he merely let the rumors spread so that no one would cross him. Isaak loved the thrill of fighting a worthy enemy. On many occasions, he would try to avoid killing on the battlefield. To kill a good warrior is a waste of blood Isaak believed, and there is no greater tragedy then the loss of a skilled soldier.  
“No matter,” Isaak said aloud. “My mission is merely to defend the ship. No need to kill anyone today.” Once inside the hangar, he noted just how bad the situation was. Pilots, crewmen, and mechanics were in a panic trying to get the mobile suits to launch. Donning his helmet, he motioned for one of the mechanics to come over to him. “Open the rear hatch once my suit is prepared.” Isaak ordered the man. “Yes sir!” The mechanic responded. Isaak then turned to his mobile suit at the rear of the bay. It was considerably larger than the regular Zulus that the Sleeves used. It stood at nearly twenty five meters in height, nearly grazing the ceiling of the ship. Its color was that of a stark white, and it had two large binders on its back that each held six remote weapons called funnels. The head sported a large command horn and the usual mono-eye system that was notorious of Zeon tech. The rear of the torso housed an advanced I-field meant to deter beam weaponry, and in the front, there were two large particle cannons. Mounted in the forearms were two beam sabers, and the suit was holding a prototype rail gun. Isaak was informed by the suit’s designers at Anaheim Electronics that it was meant to be a slightly smaller and compact version of the old NZ-666 Kshatriya, which was, to Isaak’s understanding, currently being deployed on the Earth front. 
After sealing the cockpit and running all primary system checks, Isaak activated his psychommu system, which, through the use of his enhanced brainwaves, could connect his mind to the suit and allow him to use his funnels wirelessly and efficiently.  

”Attention Zulu Pilots, once I’m clear from the hangar, you should have a clean path to launch behind me, got it?” Isaak announced over his com. A resounding “Yes sir!” was heard over the coms. “Alright then, Mechanic, open the hatch!” The large door to the bay opened and Isaak released the locks on the feet of his Lamellar and let the suit drift slowly out of the opening. Once he was cleared, the five Zulus launched behind him. Upon seeing the Zulus flying in front of him, Isaak activated the suits thruster units and followed his comrades to meet the opposing force.

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Gundam UC: Lineage

Episode 1
Part 3

Gage and his wingman Arno broke from formation to engage the oncoming enemy mobile suits. As per orders, he was to keep the enemy distracted until the captain could fire the Shatten Falke, a powerful beam cannon that fired highly condensed and unstable minovski particles that could easily destroy a ship if it hit directly. 
“Gage, let’s kick some ass!” Arno said over Gage’s com. “Hold up Arno, that unknown suit is coming our way.” Gage responded cautiously as the minovski particle density was beginning to climb. “I’m not worried about it; those sleeves are all using outdated tech anywa…” Arno never finished his sentence. A large blue beam cut through the darkness and caught the leg of Arno’s Re-Zel, ripping it clean off and causing the suit to spin wildly. A short but frustrated scream came from Arno’s suit before cutting out. Gage had no time to see if Arno was alright, as the unknown suit flew by him at an incredibly high speed, all the while warning blips were popping up all over Gage’s screen. “Shit! It’s got funnels!” Gage Said loudly, pulling hard on the joysticks, causing the suit to fly backwards just as several beams shot in front of where he was. Turning the Re-Zel around, Gage leveled his beam rifle at the unknown. 
It was a large suit, at least a size larger than the Re-Zel, and had two large binders on its back, “Probably where it stores the funnels” Gage thought. In its left hand was a large rifle that Gage had never seen before.  “Target acquired” The Re-Zel’s computer announced. Gage pulled the trigger, letting loose a concentrated beam of energy towards the unknown. As it connected with the unknown’s back, the beam split off into several directions. “Goddamnit it’s got an I-Field too!? This thing is a monster!” Gage said to himself. “TAKE THIS YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Arno was back on com, and was headed straight to the unknown suit with his beam saber active. “Arno! Don’t go after it like that!” Gage said, but it was too late. The unknown suit did a forward flip just as Arno was about to reach it. It then, in mid flip, activated two beam tonfas in its arms and let Arno’s suit fly into them, cleaving the arms and the other leg off of Arno’s suit. “GODAMN THAT’S JUST MY LUCK!” Arno cursed loudly over the com. The unknown turned to face Gage now. “Why didn’t he go for the kill?” Gage thought. The unknown held its position for just a moment, and then began accelerating towards Gage. “Oh no you don’t!” Gage yelled. Being prepared for the attack this time, Gage launched a flash grenade towards the enemy suit. As he did, he propelled his suit upwards and activated his beam saber. The flash grenade went off and caused the white suit to throw up its arms to shield it from the light. “I’ve got you now!” Gage yelled, bringing his saber down on the enemy suit. Just as the saber was about to connect, a hail of machine gun fire came at him, causing Gage to flip his suit backwards. “Damnit! Almost had him!” Turning now to see the new enemy, Gage registered a lone Zulu charging towards him, machine gun blazing. Easily dodging the shots, Gage extended his beam saber just enough to catch the Zulu in the waist, searing the unit in half and destroying it. However, despite the fact that the Zulu was out of the picture, Arno’s suit was still disabled, and Gage knew he was in a bad spot. He had to hold the white ones attention just long enough. Gage realized that continuing to use his rifle against this suit would be useless due to the I-Field, so he stored it on the Re-Zel’s back and activated his other beam saber. The white suit, now fully recovered from the flash grenade, extended its binders, having all of the funnels dock. It then mirrored Gage’s move, storing its rifle on its back and drawing out its sabers. “Alright, so you fight with honor. I can respect that, but I can’t let you get away!” Gage said as he flew towards the unknown suit, adrenalin flowing through his veins.  The distance closed rapidly, and the moment the two suits and their weapons collided was titanic. Bolts of energy shot off on every direction as the beams connected with each other. The suits spun one hundred and eighty degrees before separating and flying around to meet each other again. This time, Gage’s saber hit the enemy suit’s binder, causing some minor damage. By the same token, the white suit had also made contact, searing a portion of the Re-Zel’s backpack. Breaking off once again, the two suits fell back a bit, holding positions. “Incoming transmission.” The suit’s computer announced. “From where? The enemy suit?” Gage said as he allowed the connection. “Hello Soldier.” A calm and suave voice came over the com. “You’re the pilot of that suit, huh?” Gage responded coldly. “No need to be rude” The pilot responded. “My name is Ensign Isaak, and I must say, it’s been quite some time since I’ve fought someone like you. May I have the honor of knowing your name?” He asked. Gage thought for a moment. “What’s this guy getting at?” “My name is Gage Rickman. Why does it matter?” He asked. “Because Gage, you’re a talented soldier, and I wanted to commend you on that. However, I do have a ship to protect, and I can’t let you continue chasing us, so without further ado, let us conclude our battle.” Isaak responded coolly. “Very well then.” Switching coms back to the normal channels, Gage messaged Arno “You should have enough fuel to make it back to the ship Arno, go back now. I’ll hold them here.”  “But sir!” “That’s an order Arno.” Gage said calmly. Then Gage turned to face Isaak, and the two suits flew at each other once again. 

Taryn and her wingmen, Alexa and William, were engaging four Zulus on their side of the battlefield.  Although outnumbered, Taryn’s squad had the advantage of speed. The Zulus were decent enough machines, but they were designed to be balanced for use in space and on land, whereas the Re-Zels were built for space combat. Using this knowledge, Taryn began executing high speed tactics to flank and surround the four Zulus, which had grouped together in an attempt to form a defensive line. 
“Alexa, flank from below! William, head from behind! I’ll take their twelve!” Taryn ordered. A resounding “Ma’am” returned over her com. As they moved into positions, Taryn began taking fire from the Zulus. Using her high maneuverability, she easily avoided any damage and continued forward. “Fire beam rifles on my mark… MARK!” Taryn shouted. Three powerful beams flew towards the group of Zulus, and just before contact, the group split. However, one unit was unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire, and was ripped apart by the attack. The other three came around and began engaging the Re-Zel squad individually. 

The bridge of The Archetype was filled with tension. “Status of the Shatten Falke?” Aurora asked. “Ninety five percent charged captain! It’ll be ready in two minutes!” “Good. Begin target acquisition and prepare firing sequence.” Aurora ordered. “Please let this work…” She whispered quietly to herself. The operator initiated all necessary procedures. As he did, the front of the ship opened up, and the Shatten Falke extended to its firing position. It was a massive piece of weaponry, cylindrical in shape, and large magnetic rings rang along the length of it to focus and condense the Minovski particles into a large beam. When fully charged, it could easily destroy two ships that were back to back. Aurora waited patiently for the cannon to finish its charge. 

“Captain! We’re detecting a large amount of minovski particles focusing around the ship. SIR! It’s a positron cannon! ” The crew member shouted, panic corrupting his voice. “WHAT?! The feddies have that tech level now?!” Anselm responded, sounding terrified. “Begin evasive maneuvers, we can’t even let that thing get near us!” He ordered wildly. “They have a lock on us captain, we can’t shake it!” 

“Isaak! Can you hear me?!” Anselm shouted over the com. “The enemy ship has a lock on us with a positron cannon! Do something about it!” A crackled voice returned “Aye sir.”

Engaged in an elegant battle of swordplay, Gage and Isaak flew through the void at incredible speeds. Isaak was pushing Gage backwards towards The Archetype, and Gage knew that, but what he couldn’t figure out is why. Isaak was by himself with no backup, and he was headed straight for the enemy vessel, “Why would he do that?” Gage wondered as he parried another blow from Isaak.  He turned his head slightly to see The Archetype behind him, and then he realized what was going on. He saw the massive cannon protruding from the ship, and he knew it was almost ready to fire. “Damnit he’s gonna try and push it off course!” Again, Isaak’s voice came over the com. “Well this certainly has been a wonderful bout, but I’m afraid I don’t have any time left.” “I don’t think so!” Gage responded angrily. As Gage went to slice at Isaak, a small tingling sensation ran down his spine, and he hesitated just for a moment. Then his suit rocked forward as his two vernier bells on the back pack exploded.  Gage then noticed two funnels nestle themselves back into Isaak’s binders. “DAMN YOU!” Gage shouted as he slammed his fist against the monitor. “Till we meet again!” Isaak said as he took off towards The Archetype.

“Captain, all systems are green. We’re ready to fire on your command.” The operator said to Aurora. “Gentlemen, prepare to fire on my mark. Three, two, one…” She never got the order out. Just as she was taking a breath to say fire, the ship rocked violently throwing everyone out of their chairs. “What the hell was that?” Aurora shouted. “Ma’am it’s the unknown mobile suit! It just rammed into our portside!” “What about the cannon, is it still locked on?” “No ma’am! It would take us another five minutes to re-align the target, and if we hold this charge for any longer, the cannon will implode!” “Let the charge go then! We can’t risk it!” Aurora said, disappointed at her failure. The cannon fired. Many say that there is no sound in space, but anyone who was within visible sight of the Archetype would beg to differ. The beam lit up the night, causing all of the combatants to turn away from its light. One Zulu caught in the blast, vaporized by the beams sheer power. The other units shook as the beam roared towards its target. However, due to Isaak’s intervention, the beam missed The Vineta, but the crew felt the entire ship rock from the force of the beam. Then, as quickly as it came, it faded into nothing.

Seeing the Vineta was safe, Isaak knew he accomplished his mission. “All units, pull back, mission accomplished.” He ordered. Before leaving, Isaak flew behind the Archetype, drew his railgun, and fired at one of the engines. “There, that should keep you from following us.” He said with a smile, then flew off to join his comrades.

Okay, after about a week of on and off writing, this is the end of Chapter 1. I’ll have a preview of Chapter 2 up sometime this week (Hopefully) and for thos of you that have continuously kept up with my work, I really appreciate it. Without further ado, I present the conclusion of Chapter 1.
It had been two days since the crew of the Archetype had its first combat mission. While there had been no casualties in the battle, there was a certain feeling of disappointment that had befallen the crew due to their failure of destroying the enemy ship or recovering the propulsion system. Arno was still in sick bay, recovering from a severe concussion and some broken bones. His Re-Zel was rendered completely useless, and he wouldn’t be able to pilot again for a few more weeks. The ship itself was moving at a snail’s pace due to one of the engines being heavily damaged.

        “That’s correct sir, we had engaged the enemy as per orders. We managed to destroy three of their mobile suits, but due to an unknown suit that was within the enemy’s possession, we were caught off guard.” Aurora and her First Mate, Lexis Willow, were in the midst of delivering their field report to the Commander of the Federation forces of Mars, General Garen. “We didn’t lose anyone, thankfully, but Ensign Arno’s Mobile Suit took heavy damage, and he sustained some injuries himself; broken bones, a severe concussion, and other minor cuts and bruises. He’ll live, but he won’t be able to pilot again for a while.” Aurora said, trying to hide the shame of defeat in her voice. “Don’t worry about it Captain Barton. Mistakes happen, and not to mention you’re using an outdated cruiser for combat.” General Garen responded with a small chuckle. “These are learning experiences, and while the primary objective wasn’t completed, you managed to get the enemy to reveal a new suit, and take down three others. If anything Captain, I’m impressed.” The General said with a smile. “I want you to head back to Mars, and when you arrive, dock with The Resolution. We’ll have fresh supplies and a new mobile suit for Ensign Arno. Also, you’ll be receiving a full debriefing.” “Speaking of the unknown suit sir,” Lexis piped in “Would you like us to forward the footage and combat data that we have to you?” She asked. “Yes please, I’ll have the crew at Anaheim take a look and see if we can identify it. In the mean time, rest up, and dock with the space station.” “Yes sir.” Aurora responded, reaching to end the call. “Oh and one more thing, Captain,” Garen said “don’t blame yourself for what happened, alright?” He said with a comforting tone. “Aye sir.” Aurora said with some reluctance before switching off the computer. She leaned back in her chair and breathed a long sigh of exhaustion. “Lex, could you go down and check on Gage and the others? I’d like to know how they’re doing. Knowing them, they’ll be in the mess hall.” “Ma’am!” Lexis said with a salute before walking out the door.  Aurora sat in the Captain’s quarters in silence, listening to the dull hum of the two working engines that echoed throughout the ship before taking off her hat and letting her long brown hair fall from its usual pinned up position. The room had little personality to it, the walls, floor, and ceiling being made out of old metal. A solid red stripe that ran across the wall was the only decoration, next to the picture of her parents on the desk. It felt cold and unwelcoming, and Aurora didn’t like spending a lot of time there. She walked over to the mini bar that she had under her night desk and retrieved a bottle of white wine. Grabbing a glass from the top shelf and some ice from a small vending machine next to it, she poured herself a glass.  “Live and learn, that’s all it is.” She said a loud. Walking into her bathroom, she started up the shower and waited for the water to heat up. “This needs more ice…” She thought to herself as she took a sip of wine. “Yeah…definitely needs more ice.”

        Taryn, Gage, and the rest of the Re-Zel team walked into the mess hall. William walked up to the vending machine and pressed the random selection button “Wonder what it’ll be today?” He said with a hungry look in his eyes. “Will, you always get hamburgers, it’s just your luck.” Alexa said jokingly. “Not today, I feel like I’m finally gonna get something different… hotdog. Yup, that’s it, I’m getting a hotdog! I know it!” William retorted excitedly. “Ding” the vending machine door popped open. “Awww c’mon!” William exclaimed frustratingly. “Another stupid burger!” Throwing his arms above his head. “I told you!” Alexa said, sticking her tongue out at him.
        “Glad to see those two are doing well.” Taryn said to gage as they sat down at a table, listening to William and Alexa arguing playfully in the background. “As well they should, after all, they did exceptionally well for their first combat launch.” Gage responded “How’s Arno doing?” Taryn asked. “He’ll be fine. He may not be the smartest of us, but he’s probably the toughest.” Gage responded with a small laugh. “I just hope we don’t wind up on another combat launch. We’d be very underpowered.” Taryn said. “It still wouldn’t stop us. We’re all this ship has for protection. We don’t have the luxury of losing.” Gage said confidently. “I suppose you’re right…” Taryn said as she took a sip of her tea. Gage took a bite of his burger, which had gone slightly cold now, then noticed the First mate standing in the door way. “Officer on deck!” Gage shouted as he stood up and saluted, the others following the same. “At ease lieutenant,” Lexis announced. “Ma’am!” Gage stated. “Mind if I join you?” She asked. “Of course ma’am.” Taryn answered. “Thank you.” Lexis said as she sat down next to her. “How are you all doing?” Lexis inquired. “We’re just fine, although we’d like to avoid combat if at all possible for now. We’ve only got three functioning Re-Zels. Arno’s is totaled and we don’t have extra vernier bells for Gage’s.” Taryn reported. “What about Jason’s old unit?” Lexis asked. “Well ma’am, no one can quite pilot that unit. Jason had the G-limiters tuned down so he could’ve had more speed. None of us can handle that.” Gage answered. “Can we re-tune them?” Lexis said with a small hint of desperation in her voice. “It would take two weeks at least to zero them in again. Not to mention the amount of time it would take to re-calibrate every joint and reprogram the computer. Hell it’d just be easier to remove them all together, but that would be suicide.” William chimed in. “Alright," Lexis said with a deep sigh. "Well our orders are to head The Resolution to resupply. Apparently they’ll have a mobile suit for Arno, but for now you all get some rest.” “Aye, will do.” Gage said.

        Things were quiet on the bridge of The Archetype. The occasional beep from a monitor or the low rumble of the engines was all that could be heard. Operator Taru was the only one on deck, the rest of the crew had retired for the night, at least according to the ship’s time cycle. He sat at his post, occasionally sipping from the water bottle that floated next to him. Taru hated being stuck on night watch. It was always quiet and boring, although secretly he had installed an old computer game on one of the ships monitors, and that was enough to keep him entertained during the long hours of the night. As he sat there stacking the colorful blocks on top of one another in an attempt to form a solid line, a small proximity alarm began to go off on the forward screen. Taru, thinking it was nothing more than some debris, thought nothing more of it and figured it would just pass as all the other ones did. But after two minutes it was still beeping. Growing concerned now, Taru floated over to the main window to see what was causing the alarm to continue its annoying blip. In the darkness of space, Taru could not see anything, although he could make out a chunk of total darkness where the light of the stars were blocked out entirely. Switching on the ships massive floodlights, Taru saw a haunting sight; a large ship torn clean in half and a debris field that ominously circled around the wreckage. Taru immediately initiated a full ship stop and set the emergency alarm off.
        The ship’s crew was immediately awakened by a loud and annoying buzz of the alarm. Aurora was so startled by it that she fell completely off her mattress, entangled by the sheets. After regaining her bearings, she quickly rushed over to her closet to don her uniform. “Taru better have a damn good reason for pulling that alarm.” She though as she slipped into her captain’s jacket. Picking up the phone to call the bridge, she found that the phone system wasn’t working. “Damn this ancient ship. Nothing ever works.” She said, frustration and exhaustion in her voice. Rushing out the door to the lift, she ran face first into Lexis, who was headed towards the lift. “I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you!” Lexis said while helping her up. “It’s fine Lex, let’s get to the bridge with me to see what this is all about.” “Yes Ma’am!” Lexis responded, and they both headed off to the lift.

Exiting the lift, Lexis and Aurora entered the chaos that was the bridge. The crew members were scurrying frantically to get to their stations and start up their computers. “Everyone calm down!” Aurora yelled, slightly irritated by the lack of sleep. Immediately everyone froze and went silent. “Thank you.” She said as she sat down in the captain’s chair. Rubbing her eyes from exhaustion, she looked at Taru. “Operator, why did you activate the alarm?” She asked groggily. “Ma’am, look at the forward monitor.” She did so, and upon seeing the wrecked ship, her eyes grew wide. “We tried hailing it, but needless to say, it’s hard to communicate when there’s not much of a ship left.” Taru said. “Ma’am, those burns are relatively new. Should we look for survivors?” Lexis asked. Aurora just sat there silently. “Ma’am, are you okay?” Taru asked. “That ship…it belonged to an old friend of mine…” She said silently, her hand covering her mouth and her eyes fixed upon the wreckage. Snapping herself out of it, she ordered “Taru, scan for life signs, Lexis, tell Taryn to launch in search and rescue formation, but keep an eye out, whoever did this may still be close!” “Aye ma’am!” Taru and Lexis said in unison.

        Taryn was already in her Re-Zel when she received her orders from Gage, whom was at a computer monitor inside the hangar. She felt bad about having him stay behind due to his damaged unit, but she knew there was no other option. She’d never even flown a search and rescue mission before, and from the reports she had heard from various crew members about the wreckage, it didn’t sound like anyone could’ve survived. Moving to the weapons rack, she mounted a plasma cutter and a small beam pistol as opposed to the usual armaments of her suit. Alexa and William did the same on their load outs. As they stepped onto the launch decks, Taryn, Alexa, and William could see some of the debris floating by, and as they launched, they saw the full extent of the damage. It wasn’t a large ship, at least what was left of it, and considerably smaller than The Archetype, but the debris covered a large area of space, and it seemed that the only portion of the ship that was left was a chunk of the left hand side and a single engine.

“Taryn, after checking some flight logs, we found out that this is a scavenger ship called Veritas. Apparently, there were around twenty people on board, and one full mobile suit. Seems they were set to transfer and deliver some supplies to The Resolution.” Taru said to her. “Their last transmission was over and hour ago, and that was just for a routine check. Judging by the fact that there was no S.O.S sent out, and seeing how there’s not much left of the ship, I don’t think we’re gonna find anyone.” “I don’t know about that, Taru. I’m picking up a small reading of minovski particles in the area, but I can’t pinpoint the exact location.” Taryn responded, sounding remorseful as she saw remains of bodies and scraps of metal float by. Although, she couldn’t help but have this feeling that someone was still alive. It was tugging at the depths of her mind, insisting that someone was there and needed to be found. No matter what she did, she couldn’t shake it. She halted her movement for a moment, staring at the side of the ship. She sat there for a moment before finally giving into the urge. Letting her instincts guide her through the field of twisted, warped and burnt metal, she wove a path for Alexa and William to follow. “Ensign, where are you going? There’s a lot of debris in that area, and you’re moving a little too fast. If you run into something, it could be nasty!” Taru said over the com. “I feel like someone’s out here…” She said softly. “We already scanned that sector, there’s no one in there.” Taru responded, tracking Taryn’s movements as she went deeper into the debris.”
“Ma’am, look at Taryn’s movements. They’re absolutely flawless, despite the large amount of debris and her high cruising speed. It’s almost like she knows where every little scrap and wrecked part is. I’ve never seen anyone navigate a debris field this perfectly.” Taru said to Aurora. “If she knows what she’s doing, that’s all that matters.” Aurora responded, focused entirely on the image of the ship.
“I can’t explain it. I just feel like someone’s calling me.” She said as she floated through the debris field. To Taryn, it was like she was in a dream. Not knowing where this path would lead her or if she would find anything at all, she still continued. Suddenly, as if no time had passed at all, she found what she was searching for. In the middle of the field, a lone mobile suit floated in solemn silence. The side of its face was torn off, and the legs had clearly been severed off by a beam saber, but the cockpit was still intact. Looking around, she could see at least three Zulus that had been reduced to nothing more than scrap metal. “One on three…and he won…” Taryn said softly to herself. “Taru! I think I’ve found the mobile suit that was on board! The cockpit is still intact and sealed, though it’s still got minovski particles coming from it. It seems to be entirely inactive and I can’t be sure if anyone’s still inside… and yet… something’s telling me there is… Permission to bring it aboard?” Taryn asked.

        “Captain, Taryn found the mobile suit that was aboard the ship! She’s asking permission  to bring it aboard!” Taru relayed. “Have you found any other life signs Taru?” Aurora inquired. Taru sat silent for a minute, and then shook his head solemnly. “Very well…” Aurora said quietly as she hung her head. “Have Taryn bring the suit on board. Lexis, you and I are going to meet them in the hangar. Hopefully the pilot’s still alive. Then we can get the story of what happened here.” “Let’s hope so ma’am.” Lexis said as they both entered the lift. Aurora turned to Taru before the doors closed. “Taru, you’re in charge up here. Keep your position above the wreckage until further notice.” She said. “Aye Captain!” He responded quickly.

Taryn had picked up the mobile suit she found and had begun to fly back to the ship. While she was on her return flight, Alexa and William following, she examined the suit. From what she could tell, it was an old suit, and if she had her history right, it looked like a suit from the One Year War era, and was of Zeonic design. However, it was painted in various shades of blue and gray, and in its right hand it held a long halberd like weapon, which was unlike any melee weapon Taryn had seen. On its left, a shield was mounted above a three barreled gun. The spiked shoulder pad boasted a large Anaheim Electronics logo, and had white stripes on the torso and both shoulder pads.
Taryn flew back into the hangar bay and gently set the mobile suit down on the floor. After docking her Re-Zel, she dismounted her suit, and found the entire mechanics team swarming to the suit. She also noted that Lexis and Captain Aurora had just exited a lift and were headed right to the recovered suit. Alexa and William were doing the same. Catching up with them and moving to the front of the crowd, Taryn saw that Wes and Gage were already on top of the suit trying to get the cockpit open.
“How’s it looking Wes?” Taryn asked “Well, there’s a bio sensor lock, and there’s an extensive security system. It’s not like anything I’ve seen come out of Anaheim, so whoever programmed it knew exactly what they were doing. Also, this is an older suit, so trying to get the key codes isn’t exactly easy. These older systems carry less than orthodox algorithms and slower programming.” Wes replied, typing furiously on his keyboard as Gage stepped off the mobile suit and walked over to a tool bench. “How long do you think it’ll take to get it open?” Aurora asked. “Can’t rightfully say. Could be ten minutes, could be an hour. Depends on just how in depth this security system is.” Wes answered. “Or, we can just use this.” Gage said, holding up a portable plasma cutter. “Yes but we don’t know what that would do, let alone if it could even cut through…” Wes tried to explain, but Gage had already started to cut through the hatch. After creating a decent sized hole in the armor, Gage reached inside and ripped out a chunk of wiring. Suddenly, a hiss of decompression came from the cockpit door. As it opened, Gage, Taryn, Wes, Lexis, and Aurora all stepped back from it. Not knowing what to expect, Taryn and Gage drew their pistols and had them lined up with the hatch. When the hatch fully opened, it was completely dark inside the cockpit. Taryn grabbed a flashlight with her free hand, all the while keeping a line of sight on the cockpit, and climbed up the mobile suit. “Be careful Taryn!” Wes shouted from below. Illuminating the cockpit, Taryn saw that it was a three sixty style design, something that was relatively new technology and was surprised to find it in such an old suit, and sitting in the pilots chair was someone in a black and white normal suit, and appeared to be unconscious.
“Get a medical team out here!” Taryn shouted. Moving over to the pilot, and holstering her gun, she gently removed the helmet. The pilot looked to be in his early twenties, with jet black hair and sharp features. He sat there with his head tilted, completely unconscious. Taryn checked for a pulse, and seeing he was still alive, she unbuckled him from the seat. Upon doing so, he slowly began to wake up, blinking his eyes and squinting from the light emitting from Taryn’s flashlight. Taryn saw this and immediately moved the light away from his eyes, although not before catching a glimpse of them. They were crystal white, with small streaks of blue throughout, and Taryn couldn’t help but be lost in them for a moment. “H-h-help…me.” He said softly, reaching a hand for Taryn. She hesitated for just a moment, but then grasped his hand. “Everything is going to be alright, you’re safe now.” She said, with comfort in her voice. The man looked at her again, with a seemingly reassured look in his eyes, before passing out again. As he did, the medical team arrived and carried him out. “Take him to sick bay immediately!” Taryn ordered.
As the team carted the man off and the crowd dispersed, Wes, Lexis, Alexa, William, Taryn, Aurora, and Gage stood in silence for a moment, then Aurora spoke up. “Wes, I want you to run a full check on that suit. I want to know everything about it right down to who made the nuts and bolts. Taryn, I want you to keep an eye on that pilot and let me know when he wakes up. Gage, help Wes with diagnostics. Lexis, I want you on the bridge with me. Alexa, William, keep running searches. See if you can’t find anything else in the wreckage that may be useful and try to get us a connection with that ship. If there’s any information still on board, I want to know what it is.” “Ma’am!” They all replied in unison while giving a salute.
Taryn immediately rushed down to sick bay. She didn’t know what it was, but something drew her to this man. She barely knew him, but somehow felt like she had met him before, at the very least in passing. Upon arriving at sick bay, she met up with Dr. McClain. “How is he?” She asked him, quietly hoping nothing serious had happened. “He’ll be alright. Although he did experience a severe concussion and exposure to high g-forces. This is most likely the reason he blacked out. Hopefully he’ll wake up by tomorrow.” “That bastard got lucky!” Arno piped in. “At least he’ll be able to function when he wakes up!” “Arno, quit being such a drama queen. If this guy belonged to that ship, he’s gonna have a lot to deal with when he comes to! Think about it, he just lost his entire ship. They could’ve been like family to him. Imagine if you were the only one to survive if our ship went down!” Taryn said angrily. “Jeeze calm down, I only meant it as a joke.” Arno said, laying back down in his bed. “You’re welcome to stay here until he wakes up if you’d like. In the mean time, our John Smith needs his rest.” Dr. McClain said as he pulled up a chair for Taryn. “Thanks doc.” She said as he went back to his business. Taryn sat silently, listening to the heartbeat sensor attached to the man. She looked at him intently, trying to figure out where she had known him from. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, Taryn felt absolutely exhausted. She tried fighting it off, but she realized that she hadn’t gotten more than an hour of sleep, and her fatigue had finally caught up with her. Eventually, she dozed off into sleep, thinking to herself, “I know you…I know you…”

I am liking it so far keep up the good work!

Awesome! cant wait for the rest.

Episode 2: Remnants Part 1

Lord Armin sat quietly in a small shuttle that was bound for The Resolution. His contact from Anaheim Electronics sat in the seat opposite of him. “I do apologize for such, inadequate, means of transportation.” The host from Anaheim said. “It’s no big deal”, Armin said, “I’m used to such modes of transporting myself. After all, I can’t just walk out in broad daylight. Even though this is Mars, the Federation is still crawling all over. I’m sure Captain Full Frontal would be highly disappointed in me if I were to be captured before my operations were completed here.” “Of course.” Armin’s contact responded quietly. “We should be landing soon, Lord Armin. Director Gourami will meet you personally to discuss your plans in detail once we land.”
Armin simply nodded in response.

After around ten minutes of waiting, The Resolution came into view. It was a large space station, and was home to well over one hundred thousand people, the majority working for Anaheim Electronics, who were the owners of the station. The shuttle locked in the landing coordinates and settled gently in the southern most hanger bay. The gangway opened up, Armin grabbed his suitcase and walked off to see Director Walsh Gourami waiting for him. 
A plump, round man, with blonde hair, Walsh Gourami was a man who would do anything to further his business, as did most of Anaheim’s leaders. Gourami would do business with anyone who could pay up, and not just the federation or sleeves. He would sell under the table to mercenary and terrorist groups, and never lost a lick of sleep over it. Armin knew about most of these dealings, and planned to use this to his advantage. 

“Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, Lord Armin! It’s such a pleasure to have you visit our facilities here at The Reso-” “Spare me the pleasantries, Director; you know why I’m here.” Armin interrupted abruptly. “O-o-of course sir, let us move to some place more private. My limo is right over here.” Gourami responded, taken aback by the forwardness of Armin. As they stepped into the limo, Gourami told the driver to take them to his mansion, and the limo drove off. 

Armin and Gourami sat in silence for a while, watching as the city flew by before Walsh spoke up. “So, Lord Armin, how many days will you be staying with us?” “Days? I’ll be staying until my projects are completed, director. I told you that the moment you took on my contract. Also, don’t try to act like I’m special. I know how people like you think, Mr. Gourami. To you, I’m just another customer, someone you can make a quick buck off of. Quite simply, you build what I want, and I pay you the agreed amount. Understand?” “Yes sir, of course.” Walsh said, with a hint of resentment in his voice. The inside compartment of the limo fell to silence again, and would stay that way until they arrived at the mansion.

As they walked inside, Armin noted that the décor was tacky and typical of those whom indulged in wealth. Various colored tapestries hung from the ceiling, while copious amounts of artwork lined the corridor. 

“Lord Armin, this is my butler, Mr. Wyckoff. He’ll be showing you to your room. I would accompany you, but there’s company business that must be attended to. I shall meet with you again later.” Gourami said, taking off down the far left wing. “This way, if you please sir.” Mr. Wyckoff gestured to the grand staircase in the center of the hallway. Armin nodded, and followed the man to his room on the second floor. When he walked into the room, Armin was greeted by the same décor that lined the entire mansion, and a small fireplace on the left wall. Red curtains draped the windows, and a large bed covered most of the floor. Armin held distaste for such a display, but knew it was the only way his plans would be completed.
“Thank you, Mr. Wyckoff, that will be all for now.” Armin said politely. “Of course sir, I shall retrieve you once supper is ready.” Wyckoff replied as he walked out the door.
Once Wyckoff left, Armin removed his red duster that he had been wearing all day, and ran his hand through his dirty blonde hair. He opened up his brief case, and inside was a small computer which he activated. Upon its start up, he initiated the communication software on it, and after a moment, a blond haired man in an iron mask and red military garments appeared on the screen. “Ah, Lord Armin, I trust your journey was successful?” The figure asked. “Yes Captain Frontal. I’ve met with Director Gourami personally and will be discussing our production designs in a few hours. Also, I’ve gotten word that The Vineta has successfully stolen the prototype propulsion system. I’ll be meeting with Captain Anselm tomorrow for a debriefing.” “Most excellent, Lord Armin. I’m putting my faith in you to take care of all of our operations out there. Of course, when the time comes, you’ll be recalled to the Earth front, but for now, don’t let us down.” Full Frontal responded. “Aye sir, your faith has not been misplaced.” Armin said confidently. “One more thing, Lord Armin. I’ll be sending a small fleet out your way to support you when your operation comes to fruition. I’m sure you’ve heard of them; the Hall fleet. Use them to your tactical advantage when they arrive.” “Sir!”

Episode 2 Part 2:
Disclaimer: The following part contains graphic material which may not be suitable for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. *

The year was Universal Century 0079, the beginning of the One Year War. The Principality of Zeon had declared war on the Earth Federation, and began with surprise attacks on the colonies of Sides One, Two, and Four. During the first week of the war, unrestricted mobile suit use, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons used with no discrimination on both sides would claim the lives of over two billion innocent colonists.

A little girl with black hair plays in the living room of her home on the colony “Valentine.” Her father and mother hurry into the room and begin packing small family heirlooms into their bags. “Where are we going daddy?” The girl asks. “Far away dear.” the father replies shakily, trying to hold back tears. “Why do we have to go daddy?” The girl says. “Because darling, there are bad people coming. They want to hurt the good people.” “Why?” “It’s hard to explain dear.” The mother pipes in. “We need to hurry!” She says to the father in a panicked voice. “I know, come on darling, we need to go.” The father says to his child as he turns to pick up his little girl. The muffled sound of explosions and gunshots come from outside. The father picks up his child, and they quickly leave the house. As they run out the front door, a stray rocket slams into their house, causing a large explosion and knocking the family over. The father shields his little girl. As the father slowly gets up, he looks around for his wife. He sees her laying face down in a pool of blood, a large piece of metal is protruding from her back. “Mommy?” The little girl says, quaking at the sight, eyes dilate with fear as tears beginning to form in her eyes. The father shields his daughter from the sight, using every bit of his strength to not break down in front of his little girl. “M-m-mommy’s gone sweetheart…” The father said, as he began to run, carrying his daughter in his arms. “MOMMY!” The little girl screams, the father running from the scene. A mobile suit flies overhead, causing the father to crouch and cover his daughter from the kick of the wind. The father stands up again, and continues running. Bodies litter the streets from the battle raging around them, blood flows through the gutters. The father shields his child from the gruesome sights that now plague the once beautiful colony streets.

Explosions follow them as they flee through the ruined cityscape. Another explosion goes off next to them, once again knocking them over, causing him to drop his daughter. The father, beaten, bruised, and battered forces himself to try and stand, only to fall again. Looking down, he sees he’s missing his legs from the knees down. He sees his daughter lying on the ground, and crawls over to her. The little girl sits up, still in shock from the explosion. She sees her father crawling towards her, and tries to walk to meet him, but she can’t stand properly. The father reaches her and holds her close. “I love you, Taryn, I love… you.” He says with a heavy breath. “Daddy, what’s wrong?” “I’m… I’m not going to be able… to see you grow up.” He says with a fading smile, tears roll down his cheeks. “Daddy, you can’t go!” The girl cries as her father holds her tight. He staves off death’s cold embrace just long enough to look at his child’s face one more time, and then he dies with a small smile on his face. The little girl screams for her daddy, crying uncontrollably. In the distance, gunshots ring out as the mobile suits destroy the colony around her. She cries over her father’s lifeless body for what seems like eternity. A short way off, a boy yells out “Father! There’s someone over here!” The girl is crying too much to notice. The boy runs up to the girl, “Hey! We’ve gotta go! You can’t stay here!” He says. “NO! I can’t leave my daddy!” She says without turning around. “Please! We’ve gotta go!” The boy pleads with her. The boy’s father runs up to them and picks up the girl. “I’m sorry but your father would want you to live.” He says. The girl fights him for a minute, but doesn’t have the strength to stop him. She looks at the pair through her tears, the boy has black hair, with white eyes and streaks of blue throughout, and the father has solid white hairwith dark brown eyes. As they run, the little girl hears the boy say “Everything’s gonna be alright, you’re safe now.” She then passes out from exhaustion.

Taryn awoke in the medical bay of The Archetype. She looked over at the man whom she had rescued from the wreckage. “Could you be him? The boy who saved me…” She thought as he began to open his eyes.

i love this stuff! it keeps me interested other than the Gundam Fanfic ive seen on other sites (apparently Gundam Forums have the most creative Writers and poems on the NET!) i also like the way your keepin the mystery dude’s name…well…a mystery. cant wait to see the next installment.

Episode 2: Part 3

Armin sat in his room toying with his design ideas for his new mobile suit. His outdated Geara Doga just wasn’t going to cut it with the upcoming operation, so with Full Frontal’s permission, he contracted Gourami to design him a new suit based off of the older but highly reliable Zaku II platform. He had designed the suit himself, and could not wait to see the completed project. However, he wasn’t just there for personal reasons. He was also having Gourami build a new kind of mobile weapon that he hoped would give the Sleeves an advantage in the war.
As a flipped through the designs, a knock came from the door and Mr. Wyckoff entered. “Mr. Gourami is ready for you sir.” He said, motioning for Armin to follow him. Armin donned his red duster and followed Wyckoff down the hall. As they walked, Armin turned to Wyckoff and asked “Tell me, Mr. Wyckoff, how long have you been working for Mr. Gourami?” Wyckoff answered jokingly, “Too long sir.” “Do you trust him?” Armin responded. “To be honest, I’m just under his employment. There’s the trust of an employer to employee, but nothing more.” Wyckoff said simply. “Understandable.” Armin paused for a moment. “But do you trust him as a person?” Wyckoff stopped for a moment, then said in a whispered voice “Lord Armin, if you must know, I do not. He sells weapons under the table and fuels the fires of war.” “How would you like to help me stop him?” Armin asked slyly. Wyckoff thought for a moment. “I’m sorry sir, but that’s not my line of work… Ah, here we are.” He said as the reached a pair of large mahogany doors. He opened them up and gestured for Armin to walk in. As he did, Wyckoff closed the door behind them. Armin found himself in a large room, very well lit by the large panoramic windows that lined the left hand side. Large paintings decorated the right wall, and a fireplace with two doors on each side sat on the opposite end. In the middle of the room was a medium sized table, with five wooden chairs on each side, and two on each end. Walsh Gourami sat on one end and motioned for Armin to sit down.

“So Armin, as we had discussed previously, you have some designs you want produced?” Gourami asked. “That’s correct. Unfortunately, my Geara Doga isn’t up to par with the federation’s new mobile suits.” Armin responded. “Ah yes, the Re-Zels. Quite a magnificent piece of engineering, wouldn’t you agree?” Gourami said, a small smirk fell across his face. “Yes, quite.” Armin said, paying no mind to Gourami’s jab. “I want a suit that will be able to keep up with their speed in space, but also have the armor and fire power to take on several suits at once. Here’s my concept.” Armin passed a small tablet he had with him to Gourami. As Walsh looked over the design, he noted that it was based off of the old Zaku II frame, but with large thrusters on its back and feet. It also had a considerable amount of armor, with small missile pods on the shoulders and side skirts. Mounted on the back were two extra support arms, capable of mounting various forms of firearms. The legs were also reinforced with extra armor and thrusters. The left arm had an optional beam cannon mount, while the left had a mount for another missile pod. For the melee weapon, it had a custom beam-hawk extended into a beam halberd. “This is quite an impressive design, Lord Armin. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to work for me instead of leading some rebellion?” “I’m content with my position. So how long will it take to build?” Armin said. “How much are you willing to spend?” Gourami asked. “Enough to have it completed and ready for testing within a month.” “One month?! You expect me to have this suit done in nothing more than a month!? It takes months just to be able to program the operating systems let alone perfect the suit’s timing!” “Mr. Gourami, I assure you that the payment will be more than sufficient. I know you have the resources and the manpower to do it. Also, I have this project that needs to be done as well.” Armin said, pulling his design up on the tablet. Gourami took one look at it, and his eyes opened wide with fear as he looked over the design. “This…. This is the…” “Yes, Mr. Gourami. You will be paid in full for both suits. Get it done.” Armin said as he exited the room.