Gundam Unicorn 6 Trailer!!!

there is a new gundam unicorn ep 6 trailer out!
go to youtube

yeah, never mind the video was put in private, but it was awesome!


This is just me reviving your hopes.

If you call this hope.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. JESTA CANNON.

haha yeah i upload this video too, but a few later they put it in private, anyways…FULL ARMOR UNICORN GUNDAM!!!


The concept of UC confuses me… they are like releasing new episodes only once or twice a year… ? And set it somewhere round the classic timeline or zeta gundam, did I get this right… ?

Not really. Depending on what their plans are, they either release episodes every week, month, year or twice a year.
However, planning to have milked the fans, especially the gunpla builders, until releasing epsiode 7, Bandai has been producing Gundam Unicorn really slowly.
But consider the fact that Bandai is currently remastering many shows like 08th MS team for example.

The concept, the main idea and purpose is

  1. Thinking of as many series to publish as possible
  2. Clarify what remains unknown, not clear and so on to the fans

I was going to wait to watch this when episode 7 was released, but after seeing that episode 7 is coming out more than a year from now…screw that idea.

Same, I wanted to watch 6 and 7 back to back, to give a really epic experience.
It’s a pity. We can expect some good quality animation though.

Bing, you Racist. Even translated it sounds like Jibberish.

I haven’t watched any of the Gundam Unicorn anime, but… wasn’t the entire Gundam Unicorn story released as a manga roughly 25 years ago? So it isn’t as though there can really be very many surprises in each series. I don’t see the purpose in the insanely slow release schedule of this anime.

Have you seen Unicorn? it looks amazing!
its really difficult to make something look that good.
Plus have you read Unicorn?

It is a healthy dose of the mecha porn we all love. Seriously, watch it. You’ll be glad you did.

Unicorn is one of my more favorite gundam series to date right now, and I believe thats because of all the work and detail they are putting into it. That takes time unfortantly which means we have to wait but you won’t be disappointed to see it.