Gundam Thunderbolt kits - hard to get?

Hey all!

I was just looking around, and I noticed the prices on the HG Gundam Thunderbolt stuff seems to be really high.

What’s the deal? Are they that much in demand, or is it a supply chain issue?

Inflation, supply and demand. It’s that way for a lot of things. Thanks to covid, a lot of kits are on back order so its hard to get them. Because there a shortage the demand goes up and so do the prices. You add Inflation on top of that, the cost of shipping goes up along with the price. I used to oder stuff from Japanese retailers, but the shipping costs are getting insane.

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And its not just the Thunderbolt kits, but the origin kits as well.

Pretty much all kits are had to get except for the newest ones. It’s bad that between the inflation, and pice gouging P Bandai kits actually seem reasonably priced.

Yeah, I’ve kind of noticed that.