Gundam Themed Hotel Suite in Japan

Idk if anyone has seen this or posted this. However, I stumbled upon this a while back and decided it was pretty cool! If I visited Japan, it would be a dream come true to spend the night here. The link includes a video for an in-depth look at the suite.

That is so awesome. I would totally use that hotel.

So would I. It just looks satisfying and exciting.

I WANT THOSE BED SHEETS! O so bad! And that Zaku II window art would be great in the window of my dorm room.

I would take everything that isn’t nailed to the friggin floor.

^THIS! Those Zeon pillows at the very least would be coming home with me!

I’d feel like a true Zeon soldier. I’d feel so proud. I’d call myself a Zeon and get chills down my spine. The Pride.

that hotel suit is really cool. Id probly take everything i could get my hands on…I’d probly leave the feddy stuff behind . Hail Zeon