Gundam Themed Gaming Tower

I’m going to get this and create the ultimate gaming system when I do.

Wow, that’s really something! I’d be so jealous!

Same here. Reminds me of Alien Ware.

Needs more white and possibly gold, haha.

Looks great, though. Sounds like a big undertaking too. Setting up a high-powered gaming machine takes a good deal of effort, assuming every single component is working properly.

i dont see the Gundam styling. needs more white and blue. but im glad to know that one of us is getting a legit computer.

It needs LED lighted red or green pieces in those open spaces to replicate the Gundam Unicorn psycoframe look. Banshee gold and black would look cool also.It looks like it wouldn’t restrict airflow since there is a big fan opening on the side. Top it off with a Unicorn foldable V-Fin that glows gold and improves wi-fi reception.

If Jae102 is good at modding, he can easily do the V-Fin antenna extension for a wi-fi card on it.