Gundam "The Origin" (Engl. Books) w/ Tripple series

Mobile suit Gundam “The Origin English edition” and the movie trilogy (Gundam, soldiers of sorrow and encounters in space) don’t line up fully. The second movie ends around the 5th book with Char’s backstory? But why do the stories split there?
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Ryan G

I wouldn’t say it’s a split, but more of an expansion. We are shown not only the origin of Char, but also the rise of The Principality of Zeon, the developmental process of mobile suits, and the tragedy of Sayla. After all of these chapters, the story continues from where it left off at with the latter stages of the One Year War (which if you have seen the movies and the original series you know how this all ends).

So is Gundam the Origin kind of like Zeta A New Translation that sort of reinterpret the story and made little changes along the way but evidently resulted in pretty much the same conclusion as the original story?

Pretty much. For instance, the Gundam doesn’t initially have a Core Fighter and only got it after arriving in Jaburo (which happens before Dublin and Operation Odessa). Also, during the Battle of Jaburo, Amuro goes toe-to-toe with Char (in his red Z’Gok) while operating a GM and forces a draw.