Gundam: The Origin by Vertical

As a lot of you should know by now, Vertical Inc. has obtained the licensing to translate and release Gundam: The Origin the manga in LIMITED (VERY VERY LIMITED) Edition HARDBOUND in several volumes. They are planned to be as close to the limited edition hardbound releases released in Japan shortly after the manga made it’s completed run. They are working to make sure every essay and article that was added as bonuses to the Japanese releases is translated for us.

This is an amazing opportunity for Gundam fans! ALL Pre-orders will be filled! They will only have a limited run of books after pre-orders are filled. Amazon has the pre-order up for LESS THAN $20! Rightstuf has it for under $25! These books will be OVER 400 pages! Hard Bound! Lots of full colored pages! Only $20!

Amazon pre-orders lock in prices or if the price goes down, they give you the lower price. amazon has a tendency to lower their prices as more and more pre-orders come in! Spread the word! Make your orders! Vertical Inc has stated that if Gundam: The Origin does well, they will try to get us more Gundam publications! They do Manga AND Novels! Imagine being able to read Char’s Counterattack: Beltochika’s Children or Gundam Unicorn in English novel form!

Let’s all PLEASE show our support of this release! Go buy it, now! First volume is release this coming spring!

For more info, listen to Gundamn! @MAHQ podcast episode 109 on iTunes.

Ooh, the pre-order is finally up? Excellent. I was tracking down the old English release at one point, but never got terribly far.

I’ve had mine pre-ordered since it was announced and can NOT wait for it to come in March. Let’s hope its release coincides with an anime (a dream, to be sure).

Yep, I just pre-ordered it day before yesterday… It’s driving me crazy that we have to wait until March to get it, but I know it’ll be worth the wait…

Did you listed to the podcast, squeam? The guy basically said the release is going to coincide with an anime :-). Not sure if he was supposed to say that or not :-P.

If I can muster up a Job by then I’ll be pre-ordering it assumeing it doesn’t all get scoupted up since it’s limited.

Heck, if the release is coinciding with a new anime, why not just watch the anime?

Because they didn’t say if that Anime was the Origon animation they have planed, and because I like Gundam things, and it seems like a good deal.

Hell they could mean the next Episode of Unicorn LOL. (I belive that’s schedualed for March.)

I preordered it as soon as I found out. I have some of the original releases of The Origin, but they aren’t anywhere near the quality level of what’s being talked about for Vertical’s release. And I don’t think we ever got the full series in English. And, really, who can turn down more Gundam stuff? Especially for that price!

Well, you know me: I’m not crazy optimistic about new anime release stuff ^^ He did say something like ‘It seems that Sunrise is still moving ahead with an animation work and, if it were released, should be out around the same time the first volume hits.’ Until I hear from Bandai/Sunrise “Gundam: The Origin: The Anime is being released on _______” I’m still going to not allow myself to get too excited

…but I’m pretty excited.

What’s so awesome about The Origin? Everyone’s excited about it, but I don’t know why.

It takes the original 0079 and adds a TON of plot and just really fleshes out the whole story. It explains more about Char and Sayla, it explains more about the Zabi family, more about the inner workings and politics of the Federation. It’s just a fuller story.

I’ll most likely end up pre-ordering this. In fact I’m very sure I will. Just wish I had more time to read.


Basically it takes the awesomeness of 0079 and cranks it to 11.

in really bad British accent But… Origin goes to eleven.

Alright. I’l bite. I’ll pre order the sucker…but how many volumes will there be? It looks like the second volume is already up for pre order as well on amazon.

Second volume up for pre-order?



Oops, wrong Gundam! :stuck_out_tongue:

The original spanned 23 volumes, each of which were 200-250 pages long. The Vertical releases are over 400 pages a pop, so it looks like each of their releases collects 2 volumes of the original release.

So, 12-13 volumes for the Vertical release. They’re releasing quarterly, which means it will take around 3 years for the full run.

As an aside, in the first year of releases Vertical will pass the point at which Viz stopped releasing them back in the day.

And volume 2 is up for preorder? Snagging that now…

Aight, looks like I’m gonna have to pre-order both. I would LOVE to get to read Beltochica’s Children in English. The Hi-Nu is one of my favorite gundam designs! I will definitely be supporting this. It’s my first opportunity to support gundam in America since I was a wee boy.

Plus, the releases of these volumes are supposed to be “limited.” I have no idea exactly what Vetical means by that–whether the hardcovers are limited, or whether they only intend to print enough copies to cover pre-orders and a few extras and not reprint the books ever, or if they’re going to change formats later, or what. Either way, they’re worth it. Especially for that price!