Gundam Style!

Need I say more? :cool:


Am I the only one here who saw this coming?

I certainly didn’t see this coming. lol This is hilarious tho. I must learn the style of gundam.

I like it swag lol

My 4 year old son has been singing this for 2 weeks straight. And he cannot not help but dance and laugh every single time he hears it or decides to start singing it to himself.

I’ve been hoping some rather innovative/imaginative Gundam fans would do an actual full on parody of Gangnam Style.

The guy who made that video says a Full Version of that will be coming soon.
But yeah, if Gundam Fan Cosplayers did a recreation of that video, that would be absolutely amazing. XD

My sister-in-law posted the actual video on facebook last week and this was pretty much my first thought.

(My wife, on the other hand was like "Is he saying condom style…?)

What on earth have I just watched? Slowly approaching the replay button

The real song is called “GANGNAM STYLE” by PSY. :cool:

Oh, I know. I subscribed to the channel almost immediately.

My body was not ready O_O



NICE! Even got a Zudah in there!

I love this video, both the original and the parody. My favorite parts include the Acguy kid and the dance-off between the Gundam and Hyaku Shiki. Thanks /m/. 10/10.

Oh god this song, so amazing!! I think we all saw that coming at some point or another.

Needs more views. I think a friend recommended the video. Now I watch it every day.

when you cant find anything on cable you get board

when you get board you go to gundam forums

when you go to gundam forums you look at the gundam style thread

when you look at the gundam style thread you see the video

and when you see the video, you cant un-see the video

don’t watch the un-seeable video

JK it was hilarious

This is funny. Just sayin’

XD hahahahahaha!!!