Gundam Stop Motion

Gundam creativity in motion. Here’s a sample. I’ve seen it countless times. And yet, whenever I come across it again, it leaves me with the same impression I got the first time… amazed.

Haha, that was incredible! I’m honestly surprised that there hasn’t been more of these kinds of videos. Definitely entertaining!

>Clicks on link, wanting to find out more
>Sees “Huang” being written in the title
>Recognises name

I’ve seen that video tons of times. I love watching it. If you want more, look up Mobile Suit Gundam: War in the Closet on YouTube. That guy is really good.

Amen! Ive seen almost all of that series vids and they never get old, my fav of all time is Ep 19 with the fight between Nu and Unicorn that Sword fight near the end is awesome and it gets my blood pumpin everytime. Gundam Stop motion is aweseome…Nuff said…